Urbanist Architecture is a London-based Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) chartered architecture and planning practice with offices in Greenwich and Knightsbridge.

Since our founding, we’ve received over 500 planning permissions. Thanks to our unmatched success rate for planning applications, we have quickly made a name for ourselves as London’s most successful planning permission architects for residential extensions, renovations, conversions, and new build houses and flats.

The majority of our works are for planning applications, building regulations and tender drawings although we also have extensive experience in luxury interior design projects in central London and sustainable urban design projects for green belt land developments in the UK.

We have done incredibly successful projects for national house builders and seasoned property developers right through to first-time investors and homeowners. Many of our clients tripled their ROI in a single project. You can join them too.

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Urbanist ArchitectureUrbanist Architecture

A big investment
deserves big guarantees

At Urbanist, we'll give you a property development experience that'll have you coming back to us.

Your satisfaction is our top priority - and we'll guarantee you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Guaranteed Dedicated Project Manager 150h

Guaranteed Dedicated Project Manager

We guarantee that you will have a dedicated project manager to deal with your application from start to finish.
Guaranteed Planning Permission Expertise

Guaranteed Planning Expertise

If we can’t secure your Planning Permission but another firm can for the same design proposal within 12 months, we will give you a full refund.

Guaranteed Building Regulations Expertise 150h

Guaranteed Building Regulations Expertise

If our building regulations application don’t receive conditional approval, we won’t just refund your money, but we will set you up with a different practice and pay for your drawings.
Guaranteed Design Satisfaction 150h

Guaranteed Design Satisfaction

Your happiness is our top priority. If you’re not satisfied with the progress of your project, let us know within the first 10 days of your project and we’ll refund your money promptly.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Why Urbanist Architecture is for you

If you're thinking of bringing your project to life, read why 500 happy clients (and counting) decided to work with us on their property projects.


You'll Design to Increase™

We love good design and believe it can work wonders for you. That's why our mission is to design and increase the value of your property, the quality of your home and the quality of your life.

Our approach involves a fundamental belief that is key to our success: good design brings together aesthetics and functionality, people and place.

This is what motivates us, and we love nothing more than being part of the entire design process; from initial ideas and concepts that develop until we bring them to fruition together.

You'll work with the best and brightest

We're like a Swiss Army knife for architecture and planning - our multidisciplinary team consists of highly talented RIBA chartered architects, ex-local authority planning consultants, private practice RTPI chartered town planners and interior designers.

Whether you want the whole service from conception to completion, or just want planning permission - you'll deal with experts at every step.

With a strong grasp of UK planning law, experience in residential architecture and contemporary design practice, you’ll work with a practice at the top of its game to create and utilise your space to its top potential.

You'll get outstanding personal service

We aren't a mega-corporation. We are smaller, so close interaction at the heart of what we do. We want strong relationships with our clients; if we didn’t know our clients well, we wouldn’t have the confidence to deliver them what they came to us for!

The structure of our firm enables us to get high-quality, personalised results for our clients. This we can do by dedicating ourselves to a smaller number of clients, so there's more to detail each space.

We pride ourselves on working side-by-side with you to come up with solutions that satisfy your needs and meet your goals.

You'll get clarity on your project

In architecture and planning, a lot of people want to start a project before they really know what the problem is - and if you don't start a project right, you can't finish it right.

So we ensure your project is feasible by confirming your site has the right ingredients to secure planning permission. We have to be confident in making decisions and advising you.

For this reason, every Urbanist project begins with a twofold analysis: Planning Assessment and Design Assessment. We will then assess your project brief, then adapt and refine it into a project we're certain is feasible. All of our projects follow this guiding principle.

You’ll get the project advice you need

A lot of architects are famous for using jargon and complicated technicalities when they speak to their clients. We don’t.

One of the most important skills an architect can have is great communication, both in terms of quality and quantity. You come to us with ideas and concepts, and we'll deliver results!

Unlike other architects, we know how to simplify complex ideas at the start, and communicate priorities throughout your entire project with us. You'll get the very best professional care, attention and support throughout your project.

You’ll see your project before it's built

We use the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology to combine our artistic skills with smart technology to create 2D and 3D models with you. This makes the design process intuitive and we can almost prototype your project before it's built - that way you can visualise the layout and quality of your space.

The detailed models, coordinated drawings and accurate schedules help your contractors understand the design and so execute it more easily.

This makes construction way simpler and eliminates some the mistakes that used to happen with old-school pen and paper drawings. BIM gets rid of so many of the issues that used to delay work, and it's a fantastic initial investment to help your project really launch.

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