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If you’re looking for the best architects working in Central London and want a team who deliver outstanding projects on time, you’re in the right place.

We are Central London architects who specialise in crafting creative design and planning strategies to unlock the potential of challenging sites and buildings.

Since 2013, we’ve been working on residential projects right across London. Because of this, our team has a firm grasp on the nuances of local planning policies and building regulations across the city.

Recognised as one of the best residential architecture firms in London, we work across the entire residential architecture spectrum with construction budgets of 200k - 10m. With a proven track record of delivering home extensions, flat conversions, HMOs, new build houses, and flats, we deliver successful projects for national house builders and seasoned property developers, right through to first-time investors and homeowners.

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Throughout the planning, design, and construction journey's highs and lows, you'll find our team open, communicative, and down-to-earth. Unlike numerous architecture practices, we consistently underpromise and overdeliver.

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Detailed map of Central London showing key landmarks, parks, and the River Thames, highlighting the interconnected streets and neighborhoods that make up this vibrant city area.

We serve homeowners and developers throughout Central London

As architects in Central London, we serve homeowners and developers right throughout the city, including (but not limited to) the following postcodes: WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, EC17, EC2A, WC1X, W1K, W1J, WIH.

View of St. Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge in Central London, with people walking on the bridge, showcasing the mix of historic architecture and modern infrastructure.

What makes Central London special?

Known as one of the world’s most influential cities, Central London is unparalleled when it comes to its offering for both residents and visitors. From its vibrant restaurant, sports, and entertainment scenes, to its diverse culture and storied history reflected in the city’s many architectural marvels, there’s so much to see and do in the heart of London.

Though there are many hotspots tourists definitely need to hit - Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge to name just a few - there are also a number of lesser known nooks in the city’s centre that make it a must-visit for anyone visiting the UK. For example, ‘Little Venice’; a string of canals stretching from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue, dotted with colourful canal boats (as well as the occasional abandoned Lime bike). Or the lush conservatory located in the Barbican; an indoor rainforest with roughly 1500 species of plants and trees.

As well as these slightly more hidden gems, you’d be foolish to spend a day in London without visiting one of its 192 museums - many of which are located in Central. As well as being home to a number of museums, Central London also boasts many busy but high-quality markets. Our picks are Borough Market in Southwark just near the Thames, as well as Spitalfields Market, a little further north of the river. Don’t feel like taking in the culture and just want to sit and enjoy a pint? Well, you have just over 2000 pubs in Central to choose from, so we have a feeling you won’t go thirsty. All in all, it’s the variety, the pace, and the beauty that keep people coming back to this buzzing UK city.

Classic street view of Central London featuring a row of traditional red-brick and white facade buildings, highlighting the city's iconic blend of historical and contemporary architecture.

The architecture of Central London

Central London’s architecture is an incredibly varied blend of old and new, featuring everything from modern 75 storey residential towers to picturesque streets lined with classic red-brick homes dating back centuries.

If you’re right in the heart of the action near Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus, you can’t help but notice the stunning white stucco-fronted Regency architecture, which brings elegance and calm to an otherwise overwhelming part of the city. Other architectural influences throughout the area include a mix of Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian styles, each distinct in their design and bringing something unique to Central London’s character. As well as these four key variations, in certain corners you’ll also find Baroque architecture, as well as some playful Art Deco buildings dating back to the 20s and 30s.

Beyond the variety of residential architecture, there are also several other design feats of note in Central London, including the iconic Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as more modern designs like the Shard, the Gherkin, and City Hall, which each contribute to London’s unmistakable aesthetic. Anyone who lives in Central London will tell you that though expensive, there is no place more exciting to live.

Architect carefully drafting plans with a ruler and pencil, illustrating the detailed work involved in planning applications for Central London architecture projects.

Planning applications in Central London

London approved 79% of planning applications in its most recently reported quarter (ending September 2023).

Our expertise in planning applications means we have a 97% success rate of getting planning permission for our clients (across all councils). Central London is a city we are extremely familiar with and have a history with its many councils, increasing the chances that you - as our client - will get planning approval.

Quaint residential street in Central London showcasing traditional and contemporary homes, illustrating the popular architecture projects for homeowners in the city.

Most popular projects for homeowners

In Central London, most homeowners are looking to add either value or space to their properties. If they’re looking to add value, homeowners will typically opt for home refurbishments, especially in older Central London homes that need a total refresh. If they’re looking to add space - as well as value - elegant mansard roof extensions are a common route, which have the potential to add up to 33% of extra space to a home.

Historic red-brick buildings lining a street in Central London, reflecting the popular development projects for developers in this iconic city.

Most popular projects for developers

There are a number of development opportunities in Central London, many of which feature conversions. For example, office-to-residential apartment blocks are increasingly common, as many offices across the city have become vacant off the back of the pandemic. Converting hotels into apartments is also popular among developers, as are Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) projects and small infill developments, which make the most of underutilised spaces in the city.

“ Thank you very much Urbanist Architecture for helping me with my change of use planning application that got approved. Special thank you to Nicole, who worked with her heart to deal with my case (a very difficult case and with a very difficult case officer), highly recommended. Thank you very much!!! ”

Hung V. — London

“ Have used Urbanist Architecture on 5 projects now, their attention to detail and results are second to none. Great people to work with, highly recommended. ”

Ali H. — London

“ Very well handled, just submitted the planning application. Staff are easy to reach and talk to. Very professionally done. Thank you Urbanist Architecture. ”

P. Davies — London
Bright and airy wooden staircase with glass panels
Bright and airy wooden staircase with glass panels
“Knowing you’re contributing to the built environment of one of the greatest cities in the world - one we’re lucky enough to call home - never gets old”
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Yuki Terado

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Portrait of Yuki Terado, BA(Hons) MArch
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