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We’ve been working on residential projects in Chelmsford and surrounding areas since 2013.

Recognised as one of the best residential architecture firms in the South-East of England, we work across the entire residential architecture spectrum with construction budgets of 200k - 10m. With a proven track record delivering home extensions, flat conversions, HMOs, new build houses and flats, we deliver incredibly successful projects for national house builders and seasoned property developers right through to first-time investors and homeowners.

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Throughout the planning, design, and construction journey's highs and lows, you'll find our team open, communicative, and down-to-earth. Unlike numerous architecture practices, we consistently endeavour to underpromise and overdeliver.

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Simple and minimalist map of Chelmsford (data taken in 2023) outlining streets in white, parks in green and bodies of water in blue

We serve homeowners and developers in Chelmsford and the surrounding countryside

Areas we cover include CM1, CM2, CM3, CM4, CM6, CM11, SS11

Calm view from the middle of the River Can with common river grass and trees on both sides of the cleared river and four small and docked river boats

What makes Chelmsford so special?

According to The Times, no less, Chelmsford is a “powerhouse of schools and shopping,” just two of the factors they (rightly) reckon make it a great place to live. It’s also been a city for more than a decade now, although a lot of outsiders don’t seem to have got the message.

What gives Chelmsford its distinctive character is the way the rivers Can and Chelmer meander their way through the city and then meet, much of this part of their journey spent in lovely parks. We will concede, though, that having a car park sitting in the space where the rivers join isn’t the best piece of urban design we’ve ever seen.

And beyond the city itself lies open countryside, with farmland dotted with woods and fine villages. But before you get right into the country, there’s beautiful Georgian Hylands House and its surrounding park - all publicly owned!

View of the Chelmsford Cathedral from the lovely green gardens that have 4 cleanly trimmed spiral bushes surrounded by a colourful bed of red, yellow, pink and purple tulips

The architecture of Chelmsford

Chelmsford Cathedral is a terrific building, worthy of its Grade I listing, but it’s probably worth knowing that it was only promoted to cathedral status in 1914, Rather than something grander on the outside, it’s a grounded building with sturdy-looking walls of stone and flint. That appearance contrasts with the light and lovely feeling of the interiors, particularly the ceilings (largely 19th and 20th century).

Competing for attention in the same part of the city is the imposing Shire Hall, a powerful Georgian building with an almost square footprint and a Portland stone facade.

Outside of Chelmsford proper, we are big fans of High Street Stock, which has a gorgeous collection of Essex vernacular buildings, some with traditional weatherboard, others in red brick or render.

Female and white polish manicured hands of an architect reviewing with a ruler and pen the printed drawings for the development of flats

Planning applications in Chelmsford

In the year ending March 2023, Chelmsford City Council received 1,667 planning applications and approved 80% of those submitted.

Our expertise in planning applications means we have a 97% success rate of getting planning permission for our clients (across all councils). Chelmsford is a place where we have a history with the council, increasing the chances that you - as our client - will get planning approval.

Large brown bricked family dwelling with a side garage in the final stages of construction with only a section to be bricked, a small scaffolding still is erected on the right hand side with a filled skip in front of it

Most popular projects for homeowners

In the city itself, the generous average garden sizes open up the possibility of some very large extensions. In the countryside and villages south and west of the city, the presence of the Green Belt means a special set of architectural and planning skills are required. There are also a lot of listed building refurbishments.

Street of 7 detached double storey pitched roof homes on a very quiet residential neighbourhood

Most popular projects for developers

Chelmsford is still undergoing a lot of post-industrial redevelopment, with opportunities including major built-to-rent and build-to-sell schemes.

Gold drop lighting fixture with grey radiators in the background
Gold drop lighting fixture with grey radiators in the background
Chelmsford is a forward-thinking city packed with exciting opportunities - just the kind of place we want to be involved with. At the same time, we love testing our skills in the very different setting of the Green Belt and the historic villages of the area.
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