Project type
Sketchy render of a ground floor extension with roof flights and bi-fold doors that lead directly onto the garden and back patio as well as a second floor extension with a roof terrace
3D model of the exisiting derelict property in Camden
Architectural 3D model of the proposed extensions to convert the three storey property into three flats
Neutral but bright kitchen with warm brown cabinets, a white island and wood barstools all under the illumination of three skylights and wide bi-fold doors which lead to the garden
Grey and muted brown kitchen with a white marble island and a stainless steel tap which the dark grey bi-fold doors open up to the view of the garden
Interior design of dark brown accented dressing area with large mirror wardrobe sliding doors
Warm palette of warms with blue accented bedroom interior design layout
Modern living room with brushed dark accent wall, large flat tv screen, warm brown tv console and floating bookshelves
Muted grey tone living and dining room with a mirror art piece that broadens the space.
Muted grey and brown living room with soft blanket draping the sofa and the reflection of a mirror wall art piece
Rustic brown accent wall wet room with a rounded mirror on the wall, small white splash tiles and sleek rectangular toilet
Traditional wooden staircase with the modern glass balustrade and silver handrail
Exisiting ground floor layout which contains three rooms and one toilet
Architects proposal of an extension on the ground floor for a two bedroom and two bathroom flat with a large kitchen, living room and formal dining area as well as large bifold doors to lead directly out onto the garden
Existing floor plans of the first floor showing two small rooms and a very small bathroom
Proposal to Camden council to convert the second floor into a one-bedroom apartment with a large bathroom, living room and kitchen
Current floor plans of the top floor of this derelict property which only house two rooms
Architectural proposal drawings for an extension on the top floor to have it converted into a one-bedroom apartment with a roof terrace in London

Carefully crafted conversion into a trio of exciting new apartments in a conservation area


York Way N7

Local Authority

Camden Council

Plot Type

Conservation Area

Project Type

Flat Conversion


3 self-contained flats

Services by Urbanist Architecture

Project Architect, Delivery Architect, Planning Consultant, Lead Consultant


Imperium Engineering


The house was a derelict property that our client had bought at auction. His plan was to convert this single house into three flats, which would maximise the value of the site. Our client wanted to achieve a two-bedroom flat on the ground floor plus one-bedroom flats on both the first and second floors.

In order to create enough space to convert the house into three attractive apartments, the building would need to be extended. However, since the property lies within a conservation area, obtaining planning permission would require a design that was sensitive to the surrounding buildings. Our task was to find a way of complying with the local planning rules to split the house into three flats while providing the larger space that our client needed.

Before & After

Grey scaled floor plans demonstrating the existing narrow ground floor consisting of three small rooms and a toilet at the rear of the property


Our meticulous design-led planning solutions take into account not just the needs and requirements of each project, but also examine the physical implications that each solution may have; every project we undertake is done so with pragmatism. We painstakingly and meticulously went through every detail to divide the house into three flats and ultimately gave our client brand new apartments that he needed, while respecting the conservation area regulations.

By working very closely with the local planning authority and our client, the solution we formulated to convert the house into three flats suited all parties, a process that needed our design, planning and negotiating expertise. With the formerly disused house converted into three carefully purpose-designed flats, our client was able to get a substantial return on his investment.

Rear extensions on multiple stories to allow for a three flat conversion in the conservation area of Camden, London.

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