Project type
Sketchy renders of the proposal for a house to flat conversion with rear and roof extension in South West London
Spacious rear luxurious rear extension with dark grey bi-fold doors opening the cream airy living room directly to the lush green garden and its outdoor furnishings
Aerial render of the proposed rear and loft extensions using the same materials as the exisiting property for a natural finishing look
Higher aerial view of the propsed rear and loft extension to convert a dwelling house into three spacious self-contained flats
Existing floor plans of the ground floor including the parking bay at the front of the property
Proposal of a three-bedroom unit for the ground floor flat conversion to maintain family dwellings within London Borough of Merton
Exisiting floor layout of the first floor containing two bedrooms, a study and a bathroom
Architectural design drawings for the proposal of a one-bed self-contained flat on the first floor
Existing top floor layout of a very small single bed with an en-suite
Proposal layout drawings for a loft extension to accomodate a one bedroom self-contained flat perfect for student or single tenants.
Existing roof line without the proposed loft extension
Modified roof plan to reflect the size of the loft extension

Spacious, stylish and appealing apartments in give new lease of life to a Victorian house


Wimbledon SW19

Plot Type

Conservation Area

Project Type

Flat Conversion


New Dwelling House

Services by Urbanist Architecture

RIBA 0-3


Our client wanted an exceptional flat conversion design to give her the best chance of securing planning permission and maximise her property investment. She saw the potential of converting her house in leafy south-west London into three brand-new self-contained flats. She wanted to build rear and roof extensions to generate increase the footage, the value and the sale price of her property, and boost her rental income. Her ultimate plan was to split the house into 3 flats at £1,500 pcm rental per flat, for a total of £4,500 per month, and an impressive £54,000 income per year!

As a property investor, it can take imagination to make the most of your property assets. When converting houses into flats, there are many important considerations. Local authorities have a duty to protect the housing stock of their particular area so poor-quality property conversion plans are highly likely to be turned down. It’s essential that the design concept for house conversion into flats considers both planning rules and building regulations as not doing so will cause delays at the start and end of building works.

Before & After

Architectural plans of the existing ground floor of a south-west London property including a parking space, a living room, formal dining room, large spacious kitchen and reading nook


We devised an innovative planning strategy for the conversion of the dwelling house into 3 flats, adhering to minimum space standards and qualitative principles of residential conversions. We proved that the development would not impact the character of the surrounding area nor would it cause any problems for the neighbours, while it would contribute towards achieving mixed communities and not give rise to an over-concentration of flats.

Through this approach, we won planning permission for the triple flat conversion as well as for the rear and roof extensions. We ensured that each brand-new flat was spacious, stylish and appealing to prospective tenants or buyers, for individual rental or sale, to generate the highest ROI and satisfaction for our client.

Aerial render of the proposed rear and loft extensions using the same materials as the exisiting property for a natural finishing look

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