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Stylish dormer loft conversion on an outrigger on a property in South East London
3D model rear view of the exisiting property and it's many levels between the property ground floor, garden level and it's high contrasting roof line
3D model of the stylish and innovation dormer loft extension with large windows and skylights
Bright and airy hallway with white walls and doors and dark grey accents with a vertical wall radiator and custom shape window in the bathroom
Spacious and modern bathroom with neutral beige walls, dark grey window frames, dark grey towel heater and a pop of green colour in the shower and bathroom stool
Bright and spacious bathroom with large overlooking window, neutral and natural colours with pops of green accents and geometric shapes
Long oval white bathtube with dark grey joinery and floating toilet including an encased storage with natural wooden shelves
Reading nook with plush dark teal chair by the wall length window overlooking the gardens and next to a geometric shaped baby blue bookcase
Bright staircase landing with natural wood flooring illumated by the skylight
Custom sized cupboard storage maximising every inch of roof height
Mixture of original traditional staircase with modern natural wood staircase with the modernised glass balustrade and silver handrail
Front view of the skylights installed at the front of the property maximising on the sun's orientation to bring the most light into the property
Rear view of the dormer loft conversion that does not appear bulky in contrast to it's neighbouring properties but rather is at the same height as the adjacent house
Existing roof plan of the property in Lewisham
Architectural drawings of the proposal for a loft dormer extension to add value and space to a London property

Mood-lifting, light-filled L-shaped dormer loft conversion featuring a beautiful bathroom


Wallbutton Road SE4

Local Authority

Lewisham Council

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Loft conversion adding 39 sqm

Services by Urbanist Architecture

Project Architect, Delivery Architect, Planning Consultant, Lead Consultant


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Dormer loft conversions are a sensible, straightforward and often inexpensive way to add extra space and increase your property value. With a successful layout arrangement and beautiful design, your loft could be transformed into a comfortable living space to capture space and light. By building a new floor through a dormer loft conversion, you can add comfort and value to your home.

Our clients had a clear vision of how intelligent layout arrangement and beautiful design could transform into a spacious, light-filled sanctuary. They were keen to create a stylish dormer loft conversion as a private sanctuary from family life with a master bedroom and bathroom – a space to escape from the world.

Before & After

Existing roof plan of the property in Lewisham, London


Like many Victorian houses, this was built with a two-storey section sticking out into the garden, technically known as an outrigger. So we proposed adding an L-shaped dormer conversion, one dormer to be built on the rear roof and the other on the main roof, giving it an instantly recognisable L-shape. This is a great way to maximise space, especially for a mid-terrace property.

Loft conversions have to be treated as more than just a box on a roof. They are to be the successful addition to your property that you want them to be. For this reason, we proposed a compelling loft conversion design to capture space and light, and a beautiful mix of neutral colours with vibrant green.

With the addition of the dormer loft extension, the new second-storey layout incorporates the master bedroom and bathroom and multi-functional office space with elegant neutral interiors throughout. By creating the dormer loft conversion, the original master bedroom became the children’s playroom, and the new master bedroom and bathroom and study gave the parents a space to work, relax and escape.

Our client’s family life became less stressful and their property value increased significantly. With an entirely new level made possible by our involvement from the planning permission stage to the construction stage, we showed that loft conversions don’t have to be pokey, dark and lacking in style.

3D model of the stylish and innovation dormer loft extension with large windows and skylights

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