Project type
Sketchy renders of rear extension and L-shaped dormer loft conversion with a modern twist and skylights
3D modeling of the existing property which currently did not use natural sunlight to illuminate it's interiors
Architectural 3D model of the proposal for the rear first floor extension, addition of skylights on the ground floor and L-shaped dormer loft conversion with a juliette balcony
View of the property of which the L-shaped dormer blends nicely with the adjacent property
Aerial view of the proposing property's modern extension and it's adjacent neighbour and their developed extension
Closer aerial view of the proposed extension with it's dark grey tiling and black window frames to bring a modern twist to the traditional London home
Existing ground floor layout with narrow rooms which include living room, formal dining room, kitchen, informal dining table and bathroom
Architects maximised the space by proposing to element a wall to open up the kitchen and formal dining room, move the location of the bathroom to become more spacious for the family's guests
Floor plans of the existing first floor which held three bedrooms
RIBA chartered architects redesigned the first floor to accomodate larger rooms and a bathroom en-suite with the approved extension
Exisiting roof plan currently did not offer any space for the family to utilise
Architects proposed to the Lewisham council the layout of an additional bedroom and study room within the L-shaped dormer extension

Complete transformation of typical London terrace house with a light-filled loft conversion


Brookbank Road SE13

Local Authority

Lewisham Council

Plot Type


Project Type



L-shaped dormer providing 34 sqm extra space

Services by Urbanist Architecture

Project Architect, Planning Consultant


Our clients liked their Victorian terrace house but had started to feel it wasn't quite big enough for their growing family. As a garden extension wasn't an option that they were interested in, the question was whether it could be possible to add more space to the upper floors of the house and whether that could be done in a way that created the comfortable and light-filled home they were hoping for.

When they came to us, they had a basic target: a new master bedroom, which would then mean that they could change the original main bedroom on the first floor into a playroom for the kids. Beyond that, they had a sense of what they wanted, but knew they would need professional advice to find out if it was going to be possible. We thought it would be, but realised that it wouldn't be simple because we would need to extend the first floor, something that councils are often reluctant to allow.

Before & After

Architectural layout plans in a grey scale showcasing the existing ground floor of a Victorian terrace house which include a large and long living and formal dining area at the front of the property, a kitchen and breakfast table at the rear as well as a bathroom overlooking into the garden


The first-floor rear extension and L-shaped dormer loft conversion made room for an extra bedroom and study and a greater flow of light and ground-floor space. To increase our chances of obtaining planning permission for a rear extension and loft conversion, we submitted two separate applications: one planning application for the first-floor rear extension and one lawful development certificate application for the L-shaped dormer loft conversion.

We explained to the officers with a wide range of illustrations that neighbouring outlooks and streetscapes would not be affected by the rear extension and successfully obtained planning consent. We then applied for permitted development for the L-shaped dormer loft conversion, ensured we used sympathetic roof typology, and easily obtained the lawful development certificate.

Our dual, two staged, planning strategy coupled with creative design solutions for extension and loft conversion enabled us to create and maximise the best use of space, and elevate our clients’ lifestyle and investment.

Aerial view of the proposing property's modern extension and it's adjacent neighbour and their developed extension

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