Working with Urbanist Architecture

Do you offer initial consultations?
Do you only take up projects in London?
Who is your ideal client?
What types of projects does Urbanist Architecture specialise in?
Why should I work with chartered architects?
Can you take my project forward from planning to construction?
Do I need to involve other professionals in my project?
Will I have a dedicated project leader?
Who will be assigned to work on my project?
How many design options will be presented to me?
How do I know you’ll design what I want?
How involved can I be in my project?


Architect Fees

How much do I need to invest in your services?
How much do I need to invest in your planning services?
How much do I need to invest in your full services?
You’re more expensive than another architect, why should I choose you?


Planning Permission & Building Regulations

Can you advise me prior to purchasing a property or land?
Can you guarantee Planning Permission?
Do you have sufficient experience to secure Planning Permission for my project?
Should I submit a Pre-Application to the council?
What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval?
Will I need Building Regulations approval?



What is Traditional procurement method?
What is Design & Build procurement method?
What are the benefits of using Traditional Contract vs Design & Build?
How can I find a good builder?
What are Party Wall matters?
What is a Schedule of Condition?


Building Cost

How much will my project cost?
What is the cost of an internal refurbishment?
What is the cost of building an extension?
What is the cost of building a new house?

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