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If you’re looking for the best architects working in Guildford and want a team who deliver outstanding projects on time, you’re in the right place.

We are Guildford architects who specialise in crafting creative design and planning strategies to unlock the potential of challenging sites and buildings.

Since 2013, we’ve been working on residential projects right across Guildford. Because of this, our team has a firm grasp on the nuances of local planning policies and building regulations in this region.

Recognised as one of the best residential architecture firms in London, we work across the entire residential architecture spectrum with construction budgets of 200k - 10m. With a proven track record of delivering home extensions, flat conversions, HMOs, new build houses, and flats, we deliver successful projects for national house builders and seasoned property developers, right through to first-time investors and homeowners.

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Throughout the planning, design, and construction journey's highs and lows, you'll find our team open, communicative, and down-to-earth. Unlike numerous architecture practices, we consistently underpromise and overdeliver.

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Map of Guildford showing a network of streets and roads with surrounding green spaces and water bodies, including a river running through the city, for urban planning and architecture design reference.

We serve homeowners and developers throughout Guildford

As architects in Guildford, we serve homeowners and developers right throughout the region, including (but not limited to) the following postcodes: GU34, GU8, GU28, GU27, GU5, GU6, GU14, GU32, GU31, GU10.

Aerial view of Guildford town center with a mix of commercial buildings and residential areas, highlighting the juxtaposition of historic architecture and modern development, near the railway station and lush green fields.

What makes Guildford special?

Home to countryside and cobbled streets, Guildford is a stunning pocket of Surrey that possesses undeniable rural charm while being just a 45-minute train journey from London. Its natural beauty and abundance of space has attracted both young families and retirees and has also drawn a community of commuters who enjoy the perks of countryside living while still being well connected to the capital.

Roughly 89% of Guildford is located within the Green Belt - a policy designed to prevent urban sprawl - and it’s also home to multiple Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and Special Protection Areas; designations that hint at the breathtaking beauty of Guildford’s natural assets. In terms of things to do in Guildford, no trip is complete without a visit to Guildford Castle, which offers 360 views of the countryside and has a history dating back to 1066, when it was believed to have been built by William the Conqueror. As well as climbing the Great Tower, the manicured gardens and walking paths make for the perfect afternoon stroll. Speaking of strolling, a meander through Guildford high street won’t disappoint, its many retail, entertainment, and dining opportunities offering something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a tree-change, an investment opportunity, or a relaxing spot to spend a weekend, Guildford has you covered.

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Guildford, dominating the skyline with its red brick architecture, large central tower, and expansive nave, set against a backdrop of residential houses and autumnal trees.

The architecture of Guildford

The architecture in Guildford features everything from traditional family-sized Victorian terraces to modern low-rise flats catering to the area’s substantial student population. Featuring more than 1000 listed buildings, much of the architecture throughout Guildford and Surrey more broadly is informed by the Arts and Crafts movement, which no doubt adds to the borough’s picturesque character.

Architectural sites of note include Loseley Park, a Tudor manor house that dates back to 1600 and allows visitors to both roam its gardens and tour the stunning interior. The Watts Cemetery Chapel and its blend of Celtic, Art Nouveau, and Romanesque influences is also a must-visit if you’re someone who enjoys truly innovative architecture.

Close-up of an architect's hands using a ruler and pen to draw on a detailed building plan, symbolising meticulous planning and design in architecture.

Planning applications in Guildford

Guildford approved 82% of planning applications in its most recently reported quarter (ending September 2023).

Our expertise in planning applications means we have a 97% success rate of getting planning permission for our clients (across all councils). Guildford is a region where we have a history with its council, increasing the chances that you - as our client - will get planning approval.

Traditional brick Victorian house in Guildford with gabled roofing, blue front door, and a lush front garden featuring a variety of green and red foliage.

Most popular projects for homeowners

In Guildford, homeowners are typically looking to extend or refurbish their existing properties. As you would expect, this is much more easily achieved in parts of Guildford that aren’t located in the Green Belt or in one of its many conservation areas. However, with the help of an expert team and the right planning strategy, you’ll be putting yourself in a premium position to gain planning permission.

Sunny day on Guildford High Street showcasing historic buildings with traditional facades, including the iconic Guildhall clock, with pedestrians and retail shops lining the road.

Most popular projects for developers

Developers in Guildford most commonly focus on low-rise, medium-density developments, and given it’s a university town, there’s also a steady market for affordable, high-quality, student-focused housing. Additionally, in Guildford’s town centre opportunities are opening up for office-to-residential development, which can be a great investment opportunity when done well.

“ We appointed UA to propose a modern redesign of our home to maximise its potential and achieve planning permission within a conservation area. The team produced a really creative design that was beyond our expectations. We were absolutely delighted with the proposal, which will transform our home into a better quality light-filled space. UA was a pleasure to work with, highly professional and responsive. The documentation and drawings produced for the planning application were of exceptional quality. ”

Sinead M — London

“ I used Urbanist Architecture to support with the designs of our house which included an extension and changes to the interior. With a brief idea of what I wanted they provided some amazing designs and were always happy to accommodate my requests. Final designs went above and beyond what I had anticipated. ”

C. Llanes-Kidder — Oxford

“ Incredible dedication from the team, very responsive and enthusiastic. Always willing to accommodate our requirements. Very talented individuals working on the project who took a genuine interest in the project which showed in the quality of the outcomes. ”

Vimla N. — London

“ They helped me almost triple my rental income! I got my planning permission not just for converting my house into flats but for also extending my property. I quickly realised how an architect could do much more for me! ”

John R. — London
Glass staircase with light and shadows reflected off it
Glass staircase with light and shadows reflected off it
“Projects in Guildford are always a welcomed challenge - between the Green Belt, conservation areas, and its many listed buildings, Guildford projects are amongst my favourite in England”
Signature of Claudia Stephens, BA(Hons) MSc
Claudia Stephens

BA(Hons) MSc

Portrait of Claudia Stephens, BA(Hons) MSc

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We specialise in crafting creative design and planning strategies to unlock the hidden potential of developments, secure planning permission and deliver imaginative projects on tricky sites

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