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Extension architects helping you add more space, light, comfort and good vibes

As the demands of life change, our homes should evolve to fulfil different needs.

Whether you want to build a spacious, light-filled home extension or add an extra bedroom to accommodate your growing family, we will turn your ideas into beautifully designed extensions that complement what your home already has to offer, creating ideal layouts with maximum square footage.

As architects and interior designers specialising in extensions , we will oversee every stage of your house extension from conception to completion, from planning permission and building regulations to contractor selection and construction inspection, and guide you every step of the way.

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Unlock the potential of your property

If you are living in cramped conditions and feel frustrated about not having enough space, we can assess and evaluate the potential of your home to grow.

As residential architects specialising in house extensions, we will make site-specific recommendations for spacious, beautifully designed extensions to suit your home-based work requirements or for your growing family to relax and enjoy living in.

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Secure planning permission for your extension with ease

We understand how complex and stressful planning applications can be. As a multidisciplinary team of house extension architects and planning consultants, we will provide you key industry insights and strategic solutions to successfully get planning permission for your home extension and make the most of your investment.

With our unrivalled grasp of UK planning law and extensive experience in residential architecture and contemporary design, we will help you to elevate your space to its highest potential.

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Design and build your perfect home extension

Unlike other house extension architects, we collaborate closely with you to develop your desired home extension design. We will assemble all the elements, such as materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings, as well as kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom design as required.

Whether you would like a complementary addition to your existing layout, or would like to make a statement with a bold juxtaposition, we will help you design and build a home extension that’s bright, spacious and beautifully functional.

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Take control of the construction of your home extension

Once we have secured planning permission for your extension, we progress to the Technical Design + Building Regulations stage, followed by the Contract Administration + Construction​ Inspection stage, where your concept will be transformed into concrete reality.

Based on our extensive experience working with builders for house extensions, we’ve developed proven steps and a hands-on construction inspection approach to help you avoid possible complications that may arise on site and monitor your home extension costs. Working collaboratively, we’ll plan and build your extension with minimal stress and complete your project on time and on budget.

Ready to work together?

Whether you’d like us to oversee every stage of your house extension from planning permission and building regulations to contractor selection and construction inspection - or you just need to secure planning permission, we’ll help you maximise the full potential of your property and build a spacious, beautifully designed home extension.

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“ I used Urbanist Architecture to support with the designs of our house which included an extension and changes to the interior. With a brief idea of what I wanted they provided some amazing designs and were always happy to accommodate my requests. Final designs went above and beyond what I had anticipated. ”

C. Llanes-Kidder — Oxford

“ I am very happy with the service I received from Urbanist Architecture. They were delightful to deal with and provided an excellent service. Most significantly, I got the planning permission I hoped for. ”

Kate W. — London

“ Urbanist Architecture took the greatest pride and care in our project, they nurtured it as if it was their own, and demonstrated such professionalism and confidence that cannot be found elsewhere. We received our planning permission with great surprise. ”

Rackesh P. — London

“ Ana gave me a fast appraisal of the feasibility of my project, changing the design and saving me much time and money submitting an application to the council that would have likely been unsuccessful. ”

Thomas D. — London

“ We have used Urbanist Architecture for designing our home extension and also for getting planning permission. They designed different creative designs for us and the planning process went very smoothly. A first class service; highly recommend! ”

G. Thomas — Kent

“ Urbanist Architecture provides a very professional service. The staff are very helpful and kind mannered. The team has excellent communication skills and I found them extremely reassuring throughout the process of my project. I will most certainly be happy to recommend and use Urbanist Architecture for future projects. ”

Sumon — London
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Gold drop lighting fixture with grey radiators in the background
We design residential extensions for modern living – extensions that bring joy, peace and serenity to our clients' lives.
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Managing Director

House Extension Architects

However you want to update your home, Urbanist Architecture is here to guide you through building an extension. Our house extension services cover everything from front and rear extensions, single or double-storey, to any combination of ways of extending a residential building.

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom to accommodate a growing family, add an office or dining room, extend your kitchen, or add an en-suite or kitchenette to a rental property, together we will turn your home extension ideas into a workable design that will take full advantage of what your house has to offer, providing you with practical and functional space planning and remodelling with maximum square footage.

Our RIBA-chartered architects, planning consultants and experienced interior designers will work tirelessly to create your vision. If you’re looking for house inspiration, we’re always coming up with great house extension ideas. But if you have a clear concept of what you want, we’ll work closely with you to bring it to reality.

There are clients who come to us with the notion that they are simply going to get planning drawings for an extension. That’s never the case. Yes, of course, you’ll get the drawings, but you’ll also get our time and attention and creative input. Any architect who is honest with you will tell you that getting planning permission for a house extension needs more than PDFs of floor plans and elevations.

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With us, you’ll get our deep planning expertise: when we submit an application for house extension, it always has a carefully argued and fully illustrated Design and Access Statement. And if you are extending under permitted development, we’ll make sure you make the most of your rights without stepping beyond them. If you want us to do the Building Regulations drawings for your home extension, we’ll work with a structural engineer to make sure that the design does more than tick the boxes and will be truly safe, sustainable and accessible.

When you choose an architect for your extension, you should be looking for someone who treats the project every bit as seriously as if they were designing a new six-bedroom house on a prime location. Whether your property is listed or not, we will analyse the building extensively, and deliver a house extension design that will complement it stylistically – whether you want a sympathetic addition or are aiming to make a statement by building a juxtaposing yet intelligent expansion.

We enjoy all types of building materials, from timber and steel frame construction to traditional brickwork to cutting-edge technologies, and will employ only the materials suitable within your budget and based strictly on your brief.

Are we happy to be described as “house extension architects”? Absolutely.

An architect’s job is to create places where people will be happy to live, work and pass the time, and for many people in London and beyond, their best chance of improving the place they or their tenants live is by adding space in the form of an extension. There are extensions that are unquestionably some of our best work. So we would be honoured to help to design yours.

One-team Integrated Approach

We are a multidisciplinaryteam of architects, planning consultants, interior designers and project managers offering multiple services under one roof. When you work with our firm, you have the support of our entire studio behind you - no matter what.

Ready to unlock the potential of your project?

We specialise in crafting creative design and planning strategies to unlock the hidden potential of developments, secure planning permission and deliver imaginative projects on tricky sites

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