Project type
8 flats in place of a single house
8 flats in place of a single house
8 flats in place of a single house

A block of flats that fits unobtrusively in a street of houses


Wembley Hill Road HA9

Local Authority

Brent Council

Plot Type


Project Type

New Build Flats


8 flats in place of a single house

Services by Urbanist Architecture

Project Architect, Delivery Architect, Planning Consultant, Lead Consultant


Indigo Survey, Sanderson Associates


Smart property investors can often spot potential that others can’t see. In this case, our client saw the potential to develop the land and maximise their ROI with planning permission for new build flats. We needed to consider their input and ensure that their concept would not only be approved by the council but also built successfully.

With new apartment developments anywhere in London, there are certain considerations to take into account, and will inevitably have parking issues to resolve. Our client knew they wanted to build six flats on the plot so we configured the design to ensure that their ambitious plans were workable and that parking was carefully laid out. We know planning authorities across London and the UK are looking for in terms of layout and density of building design, visual appearance and finishing materials and all the essential components must be addressed to secure approval.


8 flats in place of a single house


In order to build six flats as the optimum number, we considered different space configurations to come up with a design concept our clients were satisfied with. The final design included two 3-bedroom flats, one 2-bedroom flat and four 2-bedroom flats using sophisticated layout plans and detailed planning drawings.

By challenging the status quo, our clients were able to make the best use of the space, maximise their profits by having all units generating income and become successful property entrepreneurs too. Our client made better use of their underutilised land and maximised their return on investment with planning permission for new build flats.

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