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If you’re looking for architects in Mayfair, we know you will have specific needs. In Mayfair, there isn’t a wide variety of types of buildings – most of what you see around you dates from when these streets were originally laid out

There is only a limited number of architectural practices with experience of working in Mayfair. The high percentage of historic buildings along with the select group of people who can afford to live here or organisations able to base themselves here means that what would be considered very high standards elsewhere are in Mayfair the bare minimum.

Our firm was established in 2013 and since then we have developed a strong relationship with the planning and building control departments of the City of Westminster. As architects in Mayfair, we are thoroughly acquainted with their local planning policies and building regulations. We have also obtained license to alter on the Grosvenor and other exclusive estates for our clients.

Recognised as one of the best residential architecture firms in London, we work across the entire residential architecture spectrum with construction budgets of up to 10m in Mayfair, Portland Street, Regent Street, Oxford Street, Soho, Chinatown, Soho Square, Harley Street, Marylebone and Piccadilly. We are proud of our track record of delivering successful projects for developers, investors and homeowners.

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Throughout the planning, design, and construction journey's highs and lows, you'll find our team open, communicative, and down-to-earth. Unlike numerous architecture practices, we consistently endeavour to underpromise and overdeliver.

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As architects in Mayfair, we serve homeowners and developers throughout the following postcodes

W1J 0, W1J 5, W1J 6, W1J 7, W1J 8, W1J 9

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What makes Mayfair special?

Mayfair is one of London’s most exclusive, prestigious and affluent areas. Some of the capital’s most famous high-profile residential addresses can be found in Mayfair, including Grosvenor Square and Curzon Street. The area has undergone a drastic transformation to become the luxurious residential area it is today. Until the mid-17th Century, Mayfair was simply a rural village bordered by farmlands and boggy fields. After the land was inherited by the Grosvenor family, Grosvenor Square was built. This marked the beginning of Mayfair being an upmarket area. Not only is Mayfair an exclusive residential district, a number of diplomatic buildings, including the Canadian High Commission, can be found in Mayfair.

Mayfair has become synonymous with opulence and exclusivity and its luxurious retail offering is the epitome of this. Bond Street, Regent’s Street and Savile Row are some of London’s most high-profile shopping streets. Some of the best hotels and restaurants including the Ritz can also be found in Mayfair.

Home to the Royal Academy of Art, the Fine Art Society Gallery and the Handel House Museum, Mayfair has gained its name for being an international centre for art excellence. These galleries, amongst others, provide a rich cultural offering and attract a large audience of tourists every year.

Side view of a typical street in Mayfair with each building having different styles in windows and balconies as well as materials and bricks

The architecture of Mayfair

Mayfair’s striking architectural aesthetic has made it one of London’s most exclusive residential locations. Meticulous detail and grandeur characterise much of the area's buildings and squares. Marble Arch, 74 New Bond Street, much of Savile Row and the Grade II listed Beaumont Hotel are some of the most noteworthy architectural structures to be found in Mayfair.

Georgian architecture dominates Mayfair, as this period saw the expansion of London into what was then the undeveloped west. Development focussed on the construction of terrace housing and garden squares, Grosvenor Square being a prime example of this. Architectural style and flare take precedence in Mayfair. Many of the houses are red brick terrace or stucco-fronted properties with tall windows were built in a symmetrical style. Most buildings in Mayfair are at least five storeys high. Along with the main fine surviving Georgian houses, there are many outstanding Regency, Victorian and Edwardian buildings. Later masterpieces include The Dorchester, which opened in 1931.

Roof top view of the different property heights and roof typology within the area of Mayfair

The most popular projects for homeowners and developers

In Mayfair, we focus on renovations and refurbishments, including works on Listed Buildings. We have the rare ability, developed through years of success, at reconciling the demands of Westminster council and the great private estates for the preservation of heritage elements with our clients’ understandable desire for 21st luxury and convenience. Our focus on interiors includes commissioning bespoke bathrooms and furniture.

“ Thank you for all your efforts in helping us to secure planning permission. You made our dreams come true. ”

Simon G. — London

“ Thank you very much Urbanist Architecture for helping me with my change of use planning application that got approved. Special thank you to Nicole, who worked with her heart to deal with my case (a very difficult case and with a very difficult case officer), highly recommended. Thank you very much!!! ”

Hung V. — London
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We know that anyone commissioning an architect to work on a project in Mayfair is going to be expecting only the very highest standards of work, as well as a touch of true elegance. We have proven that we can deliver that.
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