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If you’re looking for the best architects working in North London and want a team who deliver outstanding projects on time, you’re in the right place.

We are North London architects who specialise in crafting creative design and planning strategies to unlock the potential of challenging sites and buildings.

Since 2013, we’ve been working on residential projects right across North London. Because of this, our team has a firm grasp on the nuances of local planning policies and building regulations in this region.

Recognised as one of the best residential architecture firms in London, we work across the entire residential architecture spectrum with construction budgets of 200k - 10m. With a proven track record of delivering home extensions, flat conversions, HMOs, new build houses, and flats, we deliver successful projects for national house builders and seasoned property developers, right through to first-time investors and homeowners.

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Throughout the planning, design, and construction journey's highs and lows, you'll find our team open, communicative, and down-to-earth. Unlike numerous architecture practices, we consistently underpromise and overdeliver.

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Detailed map of North London highlighting various parks and streets. The map showcases the intricate layout of the neighborhood with green areas representing parks such as the larger one in the center. Surrounding roads and smaller green spaces are also depicted, providing a comprehensive overview for urban planning and architectural design considerations.

We serve homeowners and developers throughout North London

As architects in North London, we serve homeowners and developers right throughout the region, including (but not limited to) the following postcodes: N1, N1C, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N20, N21, N22.

Aerial view of North London's distinctive residential area, showcasing a dense array of colorful terraced houses with varying architectural designs. The foreground features rows of cream and pastel-colored homes with pitched roofs, while the background extends to a horizon of urban development, including construction cranes, underlining the ongoing growth. The image highlights the unique urban tapestry and vibrant community, key points of interest for architectural and urban planning professionals.

What makes North London special?

North London is a much-loved area of Greater London and for good reason. Home to well-known neighbourhoods like Arsenal, Camden, and Islington, North London is a highly livable region with a variety of opportunities on offer.

When it comes to nature, it’s hard to go past the famed Hampstead Heath which in our opinion, very much lives up to the hype. Comprising of 800 acres of woodlands and meadows - including a few glorious swimming ponds - when you’re ambling through the lush parklands it’s hard to believe you’re only four miles from Central London. Though the Heath itself is perhaps the most stunning spot in Greater London, a close second might just be the lovely surrounding streets lined with charming Edwardian homes (as well as a few iconic pubs).

But North London’s beauty isn’t limited just to Hampstead. Other natural gems in the area include Epping Forest which is great for long Sunday strolls, as well as Primrose Hill, which offers one of the best views of the city in all of London. Beyond the abundance of natural treasures, there are also a range of more urban features in the area, including the famous Camden Market, Arsenal Stadium and London Zoo.

All in all, whether you’re a local, a developer or simply a visitor, North London is a fabulous place to be.

Sunset over North London's residential architecture, with the warm glow highlighting rows of semi-detached and terraced houses. Each house features distinct brick facades, bay windows, and pitched roofs, with a mix of white, red, and blue painted elements. A tree-lined street runs through the center, with parked cars and a vibrant red vehicle providing contrast. This scene captures the charming character and uniform structure of suburban development, relevant for those interested in residential architectural styles and community layouts.

The architecture of North London

North London is an area rich in its architectural offering; from modern flats to traditional terraces, there’s an extensive range of building styles in this lovely English nook. In terms of residential architecture, the classic North London look is Victorian-style terraces, as seen in the leafy neighbourhoods of Highbury and Islington. This style of architecture - which dates back to the period between 1837 and 1901 - often features gorgeous bay windows, coloured brickwork, and high pitched roofs. Over time many homes in this style have been restored to ensure their facades retain their striking, classic charm while also being structurally sound. Though originally these homes were single dwellings, over time many have been converted to house multiple flats.

As well as the rows of stunning Victorian terrace homes, in North London you’ll also find a good amount of Edwardian architecture, characterised by its Arts and Crafts style, mock-Tudor cladding, red brickwork and porches. This opulent style is of course prominent in the affluent areas of Highgate and Hampstead.

Other places of architectural interest include Forty Hall Estate and Kenwood House - two beautiful manor houses with perfectly manicured gardens for visitors to enjoy. The British Library is also located in North London and even if you’re not a reader, it really is worth a visit for its architecture alone.

Close-up of an architect's hands working on building plans in North London, with a focus on precise measurements using a ruler and pen. The architectural blueprint features detailed floor layouts with annotations. This professional setting underscores the meticulous planning process behind urban development and architectural design, relevant for visitors seeking expertise in planning applications in the North London area.

Planning applications in North London

North London has several local councils and on average, the area approved 80% of planning applications in its most recently reported quarter (ending September 2023).

Our expertise in planning applications means we have a 97% success rate of getting planning permission for our clients (across all councils). North London is a region where we have a history with its many councils, increasing the chances that you - as our client - will get planning approval.

Street view of classic North London houses with distinctive white bay windows and ornate Corinthian pilasters under a clear blue sky. The homes are arrayed in a row, featuring red, white, and blue facades, with terracotta roof tiles, adding to the suburban charm. The presence of mature green trees and a modern streetlamp illustrates a blend of traditional architecture with contemporary urban infrastructure.

Most popular projects for homeowners

In North London, homeowners are typically looking to refurbish, renovate or extend their properties. This can be a delicate task given the number of conservation areas in the region, but our team knows a thing or two about how to make tricky sites work.

As well as this, homeowners in North London sometimes look to maximise the value of their property by converting larger homes into flats, which, when done well, can be a great way of adding housing stock to an area while creating a nice return on investment for the owner.

Contemporary mixed-use building in North London, with a blend of residential and retail spaces. This modern structure features a grey brick facade, large windows, and private balconies, juxtaposed against an urban street scene with pedestrians, cyclists, and cars. Leafless trees line the sidewalk, with a road sign for 'Rendlesham Road' visible, indicative of the area's development and community integration.

Most popular projects for developers

Developers in North London tend to focus on infill and backland projects - building behind and in between existing properties to maximise underutilised space - as well as focusing on new build blocks of flats. Given how popular North London is, pursuing a development project here is a pretty safe bet.

Glass staircase with light and shadows reflected off it
Glass staircase with light and shadows reflected off it
“North London is one of my favourite pockets of our city, and navigating the planning process with its many conservation areas and listed buildings is always a fun challenge”
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Claudia Stephens

BA(Hons) MSc

Portrait of Claudia Stephens, BA(Hons) MSc

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