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Get your planning permission with our unique 6-step proven planning system

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We research policies and precedents with the power of an in-depth data-driven model

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We identify opportunities and constraints with the art of thinking divergently

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We formulate ingenious design and planning strategies specific to your site

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We solve different aspects of key issues before they become problems

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We justify your proposal in a structured way with a design-centric approach

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We negotiate collaboratively with planning officers and planning committees

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Use our unique 6-step proven planning system and get your planning permission with ease

Planning is complex, no one can guarantee planning permission. There are many variables in the planning system, and these variables interact in ways that mean that no one can predict the outcome of a planning application.

These realities make the task of successfully preparing a planning application incredibly challenging. In order to succeed, you need to have not only a feasible project, but also a precise, proven planning system.

As a multidisciplinary architecture and planning practice based in London, we set out an approach to this challenge that works with the realities of a complex planning system. We developed our unique approach based on practical experience – rather than just theory – while working in over 900 projects in London and across the UK.

Our unique six-step model of planning system incorporates safeguards to make sure you avoid many of the pitfalls and failings of typical planning applications. This rigorously tested system allows us to specialise in crafting creative planning application strategies for residential developments with sensitive planning conditions and restrictions.

With a dedicated focus in developing good design with our clients and seeking collaborative negotiation with planning officers, we secure planning permissions for unprecedented and quite exceptional projects.

If your project is contentious, seeking pre-application advice from the council will help speed up the decision-making process for your case and increase your chances of success. We will work cooperatively with your planning officers to justify your proposal in a structured way and negotiate a positive outcome.

We will also find the chance to make amendments and improvements to your proposal prior to submitting your full planning application. By doing this, your officers will be more supportive of your proposal than they might otherwise have been.

If you have a larger project or one where the important thing is to establish the principle of what you want to do as quickly as possible, then the outline planning option could be the way to go. As the name implies, you need to provide fewer details than a full planning application, which means we can get your project designed and have your application completed in less time.

Outline planning applications are for you if you want to get planning permission and then either sell the land or raise more money for the construction stage. We will work with you to decide which elements of the scheme are important for the council and need to be decided at the outline stage.

Please note, though, that an outline application might not be the right option if the appearance of the buildings is important, for instance, many Green Belt projects or a development in a conservation area.

If you do submit an outline planning application and are granted permission, then you will have to follow it up with one or more reserved matters applications within three years of the council’s decision. These fill in all the details that were not in the outline application and will need to be settled before you can start building.

A reserved matters application needs to be taken as seriously as any other planning application – just because a local authority has given you outline permission does not mean they will automatically wave the reserved matters through. We will make sure that the details of your scheme are of a high standard and that there will be no avoidable delays in getting consent.

For many projects, you will need full planning permission. That means you will need to show the council that what you are proposing complies with all the relevant national and local policies, taking into account a range of factors that can include transport, flood risks, air quality and possible harm to wildlife. We will guide you over all the hurdles of the process, if necessary liaising with specialist consultants to make sure you get all the expert advice you need.

At the same time, we will be collaborating with you to come up with a design that fulfils your wishes and needs while being acceptable to the council. And after the application has been submitted, we will work with the planning officers to dispel any doubts they have about the project, so that they are happy to grant consent.

When the council grants planning permission, it can include conditions to make sure that some key details are finalised by you and approved by the planning department before building can begin. These conditions often, for example, involve the external materials to be used in the building, or the exact arrangements for cycle or waste storage.

We pride ourselves on the care we take in every application we submit, and will make sure that approval of details goes smoothly so that your project doesn’t have unnecessary delays at this late stage.

Unfortunately, not every planning application gets approval from the local authority. In some cases, for instance, when the council’s decision-making has clashed with their own policies or precedents or is out of step with national policy, it can be worth appealing.

We have a strong record of success with planning appeals – we will let you know if we think you have a good chance of getting the council’s refusal overturned by the Planning Inspectorate and put together a thorough and clearly argued case so that your project ends up with the planning permission it deserves.

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“ We appointed UA to propose a modern redesign of our home to maximise its potential and achieve planning permission within a conservation area. The team produced a really creative design that was beyond our expectations. We were absolutely delighted with the proposal, which will transform our home into a better quality light-filled space. UA was a pleasure to work with, highly professional and responsive. The documentation and drawings produced for the planning application were of exceptional quality. ”

Sinead M — London

“ Urbanist Architects were fantastic all the way through, getting drawings done and making a plan for an application for a retrospective planning application. With Mark and Yuki helping me, my application was successful. They were both very professional and helpful throughout. ”

Nicky B — London

“ I am very happy with the service I received from Urbanist Architecture. They were delightful to deal with and provided an excellent service. Most significantly, I got the planning permission I hoped for. ”

Kate W. — London

“ Incredible dedication from the team, very responsive and enthusiastic. Always willing to accommodate our requirements. Very talented individuals working on the project who took a genuine interest in the project which showed in the quality of the outcomes. ”

Vimla N. — London

“ Urbanist Architecture took the greatest pride and care in our project, they nurtured it as if it was their own, and demonstrated such professionalism and confidence that cannot be found elsewhere. We received our planning permission with great surprise. ”

Rackesh P. — London

“ Thank you for all your efforts in helping us to secure planning permission. You made our dreams come true. ”

Simon G. — London

“ A very hard working and professional team who approach a project like it's their own. Got my planning permission obtained promptly for a commercial project. Highly recommended ”

Vincenzo A. — London

“ We've been overwhelmed by the amount of time and dedication Mr Ufuk Bahar has spent on our project. He has been extremely professional when dealing with the council and applying for planning permission. ”

Kate A. — London

“ Friendly, helpful and professional approach. Very impressed by how they took care of my planning application and made it such a simple and easy process thank you. ”

O. Wilson — London

“ I was very impressed by Nicole’s responsiveness. She was amazing from the very beginning to the end. She saw the potential of my planning application and fully supported me throughout the application process. I just got my approval, can't thank her enough. ”

George P. — London

“ My biggest barrier to achieve my goal on my home renovation project was the planning permission. After countless years of frustrated attempts with other London architects and the disappointment of losing the applications every time, my motivation was drained. But I gave my project a final try with Urbanist Architecture and eventually this architecture company succeeded in getting the planning permission for me. Can't thank them enough. ”

Leonard M. — London

“ We started with 2 different architects, whose plans were rejected by our council. We felt like we were on a treadmill leading nowhere. Then I found Urbanist Architecture blog posts about planning procedures. We appointed them to prepare our 3rd application. They listened to our needs, brainstormed and developed a strategic design. Their creative approach allowed us to get the permission we needed!! We highly endorse their hard work. ”

George L. — London

“ Ufuk and the team were very accommodating, talking us through the design elements and what was evident that we still had lots of questions and they were able to answer our questions and provide us with a final project we are very happy with. Planning was approved and the team were excellent in keeping the project moving and on time possible. ”

Marisa B. — London

“ An exemplary service from start to finish! In particular Nicole Guler who was very knowledgeable, attentive and nothing short of a delight to deal with. Thank you for all your efforts, a well deserved 5 stars. ”

Andy C. — London

“ Great staff who do what they promise from beginning to end. My advisor was Mark who was very knowledgeable and passionate on planning matters. Mark is wealth of information in respect of local planning I would highly recommend dealing with Mark for all your future planning needs! ”

Franklin C. — London

“ We found Urbanist Architecture after multiple failed attempts at getting planning permission. If it wasn't for them and there dedication my family would have needed to move away! For that we are all extremely grateful. throughout our whole experience Urbanist Architecture were helpful, professional and very informative. ”

Matt B. — London
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We inject our personality and de-commoditise our services. We engage on a personal level with all our clients which allows us to deliver remarkable results, exceed their expectations and strive for perfection.
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One-team integrated approach

We are a multidisciplinary team of architects, planning consultants, interior designers and project managers offering multiple services under one roof. When you work with our firm, you have the support of our entire studio behind you - no matter what.

One-team integrated approach

We are a multidisciplinary team of architects, planning consultants, interior designers and project managers offering multiple services under one roof. When you work with our firm, you have the support of our entire studio behind you - no matter what.

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Planning Permission

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