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You'll learn how to...

use the only five strategies you need to know to navigate the unwieldy process of getting planning permission
correctly analyse key planning considerations to achieve highly feasible projects
understand the psychology of planning officers so you can give them what they need to approve your application
stop worrying about your neighbours and their objections, and get them to your side
get into the rational mindset of professional property entrepreneurs to reach your goals faster

What you will find inside the eBook

Whether you are out to extend or convert your property, source big deals, trade sites with planning permission, or build your own developments to sell or to rent – what you will learn from this eBook is absolutely fundamental to understanding how the UK planning system really works.

Table of Contents

1 Create Good Design

2 Comply With Planning Policies

3 Submit Accurate Planning Drawings

4 Complete Your Application Form Properly

5 Befriend the Planning Officer

+ Case Study


You can use these strategies immediately to quickly achieve success in your planning application.

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The Facts



"How to Get Planning Permission without a Hitch" is the most-downloaded eBook about planning applications and it gets that prize for good reason: it's the best eBook in this roundup.


Urbanist Architecture team have been successfully using these techniques for over 6 years and still do, every day of the week. They are currently working on projects ranging from £100k to £5m and every strategy is proven and used by the big developers, and the few ‘in-the-know’ niche investors, and specialists like us.
Planning Permission Author

Ufuk Bahar

Ufuk Bahar is one of the most sought after planning permission consultants in London. With in-depth knowledge of architecture practice, he often sees the solution to any situation well before others even recognise there is a situation. A gift very few possess.

He is the person one of the most successful property developer in London declared an "expert planner" and a very well known architecture critic called an "exceptional designer obsessed with perfection". He works on complex planning permission cases for residential renovations, new build homes and green belt developments.

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