Planning Application for Change of Use

Who else wants Planning Permission for change of use?

Turning one of the many thousands of vacant or redundant properties in London into a profitable use is becoming very popular day by day.

If you want to join many thousands of landlords and leaseholders who change the use of their properties from one class to another, then you need to obtain planning permission first by submitting a planning application with change of use planning drawings and other mandatory and supporting documents.

By having had the experience of working very closely with the London councils, we know exactly what kind of restrictions may be imposed upon your application, and therefore the extent of the change of use planning drawings and documents we need to prepare and submit for the approval of the decision.

Our team of Change of Use Architects helped hundreds of landlords and leaseholders get planning permission for change of use. Now's your chance to join hundreds of people just like you.

Join 400+ Landlords and Leaseholders

Imagine how good you will feel when you get
Planning Permission for changing the use of your property.


My solicitor recommended me to use the planning services of Urbanist Architecture and said that he has used them before and that they were very successful. I am also very happy with the results. I'd have no hesitation in using or recommending this company in the future.

Mr Dat N. (London E2)


The list of the most common change of use planning applications we make in London.

Change of Use
Change of Use to A3 Use Food & Drink
Sale of food for consumption on the premises.

  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Snack Bars
Change of Use to A4 Use Drinking Establishments
Sale of alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises.

  • Pubs
  • Wine Bars (but not night clubs)
Change of Use to A5 Use Hot Food Takeaways
Sale of hot food for consumption off the premises.

  • Takeaways
Change of Use to B1 Business
Use which can be carried out in any residential area without detriment to the amenity of that area by reason of noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, soot, ash, dust or grit.

  • Offices (other than a use within A2 Use Class)
  • Research and development of products or processes
  • Light Industry
Change of Use to C3 Dwelling Houses
Use as a dwelling house whether or not as a sole or main residence.

  • Dwelling house occupied by a single person or by people living together as a family.
  • Dwelling house occupied by not more than 6 residents living together as a single household.
Change of Use to C4 HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation)
Use as a house in multiple occupation.

  • Shared dwelling houses occupied by between three and six unrelated individuals, as their only or main residence, who share basic amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom.
Change of Use to D1 Non-Residential Institutions
Use not including a residential use.

  • Clinics & Health centres
  • Crèches, Day nurseries, Day centres
  • Museums, Public libraries, Art galleries, Exhibition Halls
  • Law court
  • Non-residential education & training centres
  • Places of worship, Religious instruction, Church halls
Change of Use to Sui Generis
Use on its own, where uses do not fall within the four main use classes.

  • Consulates & Embassies
  • Theatres & Nightclubs
  • Amusement Arcades
  • Launderettes
  • Petrol Filling Stations
  • Motor Car Showrooms
  • Taxi businesses
Change of Use


We've helped hundreds of landlords and leaseholders get planning permission for change of use.

Imagine how good you will feel when you get Planning Permission for changing the use of your property.
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  • Thank you so much for sharing such great news and thank you so much for working with us on developing such wonderful plans. It has been a real pleasure to work with you and it's fantastic to see how professional and hard working you are.

    I'm really looking forward to our project and can't thank you enough for all you have done in making our dream home.
    Dr Khan I. (London EN1)

  • Your professional approach combined with your customer focus differentiates you straight away.

    Urbanist Architecture listens, creates and supports during the entire procedure.
    Mr Denis Z. (London E13)

  • A very hard working and professional team who approach a project like it's their own.

    Got my planning permission obtained promptly for a commercial project. Highly recommended.
    Mr Vincenzo (London E2)

  • We've been overwhelmed by the amount of time and dedication Mr Ufuk Bahar has spent on our project. He has been extremely professional when dealing with the council and applying for planning permission.

    He has an incredible amount of knowledge and we'd really be lost in our project without him and his team.
    Mrs Kate A. (London SE23)

  • What an awesome service from a great firm, all of the aggravation I had from Dagenham Council melted away with the professional approach.

    They comprehensively met the questions raised and gave me peace of mind. Even when things went slightly wrong they were professional and sorted it.
    Mr & Mrs Jezeph (London RM8)

  • Mr Ufuk Bahar is an exceptionally skilled designer.

    He did thorough research, meticulously presented the drawings, gave us substantial support and perfectly crystallized our thoughts into an aesthetically pleasing design.
    Mr & Mrs Ivanov (London SW1X)

  • We appreciate your expeditiousness.

    Youth has a vibrancy and energy that is infectious. We wish you all well.
    Mr Chester H. (Croydon CR8)

  • Urbanist Architecture and Norma Jean provided an outstanding service in respect of our successful Certificate of Lawfulness application. I had a very tight time frame and she managed to get the whole process tied up in less than a week.

    Friendly and efficient and all my emails were answered extremely promptly. I would highly recommend this firm.
    Ms Amanda N. (Fen Lodge IP22)

  • Thank you for all your efforts in helping us to secure planning permission.

    You make our dreams come true.
    Mr Simon G. (London SW11)

  • They helped me almost triple my rental income! I got my planning permission not just for converting my house into flats but for also extending my property to rear and up to add more bedrooms and flats.

    I quickly realised how an architect could do much more for me!
    Mr John R. (London N16)

  • Following a recommendation from a friend, I asked Urbanist Architecture team to prepare my planning application.

    All members of staff were friendly, helpful and very professional to deal with. Thank you very much!
    Mr Gerti Z. (London SW6)

  • Very professional service. Drew up our plans in record time, made changes speedily and without quibble. Clear and thorough plans.

    Acquired planning permission from Lewisham Council within record time. Highly recommended, will definitely use again if required.
    Ms Eleanor B. (Weardale Road SE13)
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