Extension Architects: Copy & Paste Our Proven Formula to Extend Your Home.

Do you know how our clients like George are doubling the size and value of their homes?

The way to make that happen is to follow our proven formula used over and over by successful homeowners who enjoy adding space, comfort and value to their homes without having to worry about managing the extension planning drawings, planning application and building works.

By doing what they do, you tap into the proven formula that get you to the top of the planning permission game, and the design and build process. You will get absoulute clarity on why your extension project will process easier and faster than others, and you will enjoy exactly how to take the advantage of that winning difference.

This formula is unique to our ARB registered Extension Architects. This formula is for you if you are coping with tight living spaces and poor living conditions. This formula is for you if you want to unlock the potential of your property. This is for you if you want to double the size and value of your property. This is for you if you want to feel liberated, delighted, relaxed. This is for you if you want to have the most beautiful extension and house in your borough...

Join George and do something good for your family.

You can master our proven formula only for
basement, rear, side, roof and mansard extensions.


Thank you so much for sharing such great news and thank you so much for working with us on developing such wonderful plans. It has been a real pleasure to work with you and it's fantastic to see how professional and hard working you are. I'm really looking forward to our project and can't thank you enough for all you have done in making our dream home.
Dr Khan I. (London EN1)


Before you consider using our proven formula, learn how we helped
George and his family expand their living space by 57%.

Change of Use
Our services not only helped this family obtain planning permission for extending their property but also enabled them to experience powerful changes in their lives.

Before, the family members were feeling frustrated, embarrassed and distraught about not having enough space. They were squeezed into a small house with their children. They were coping with tight living spaces and poor living conditions as their homes did not meet their standard needs. They were also feeling like they are letting their children down by not being able to provide them with their own room where they can sleep, study and play.

The feeling of hopelessness didn’t last long when we came into the picture. We guided them with unlocking the potential of their property, adding space, comfort and value to their home.

The kids now run around freely in their rooms full of toys. The kids can now enjoy play time without being told off by their parents. The bespoke extension also created a very spacious, bright and airy open-plan kitchen and living area for comfortable cooking and gossiping. They now have enough space to socialise, entertain guests and spend time in privacy. They now feel liberated, delighted, relaxed and most importantly – confident.

Their day-to-day life, especially their average weekend, changed dramatically.

Before, they were suffering from the lack of space which had significant impacts on their basic lifestyle needs along with their health, educational attainment and family relationships. They went through a stage where they did not want to spend time at home on weekends; their home was unsuitable for it, too dull for it. There was also some loss of interest in family life, home affairs and communication with their loved ones. But now they indulge in more family time and celebrate life. The parents entertain their guests in their large open plan kitchen and the kids enjoy playing with their friends. Their weekends are now full of laughter, cocktails and barbeque parties.

They now have the most beautiful house in the entire neighbourhood standing in grandeur for which their neighbours and friends are envious of.

Not to mention, one of their neighbours along with three of their friends are also now our clients! Obviously, these outcomes are not the ONLY things they were able to achieve. They were thinking to sell their house before making the decision to not move but improve. So the local estate agency's valuation last year before the renovation was £495.000. And this is where my exciting news comes in. The value of their home literally boomed thanks to our specialist extension design and planning advice. The current value of the property is £849.000. This is a whopping 71.5% increase in property value!

Change of Use


We've helped over four hundred homeowners get planning permission for home extensions.

Imagine how good you will feel when you get Planning Permission for extending your property.
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  • They helped me almost triple my rental income! I got my planning permission not just for converting my house into flats but for also extending my property to rear and up to add more bedrooms and flats. I quickly realised how an architect could do much more for me!
    Mr John R. (London N16)
  • Architects at Urbanist Architecture have put their heart and soul into our new build house project. They made it the thing they care about most. I am very satisfied with the service and would like to thank the team for their efforts!..
    Mr Hewitt (Surrey GU21)
  • What an awesome service from a great firm, all of the aggravation I had from Dagenham Council melted away with the professional approach. They comprehensively met the questions raised and gave me peace of mind.
    Mr & Mrs Jezeph (London RM8)
  • A very hard working and professional team who approach a project like it's their own. Got my planning permission obtained promptly for a commercial project. Highly recommended.
    Mr Vincenzo (London E2)
  • We've been so impressed with the way Mimarch Planning London and Urbanist Architecture teams have worked tirelessly together to deliver a very successful project.
    Mimarch Planning London Ltd (London EC2A)
  • He has been extremely professional when dealing with the council and applying for planning permission. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and we'd really be lost in our project without him and his team.
    Mrs Kate A. (London SE23)
  • I was having real trouble obtaining planning permission for changing the use class of our A1 shop to A3 restaurant. Urbanist Architecture team dealt with the planning officers on my behalf and proved to the council that the design complies with the policies all of which ultimately resulted in approval.
    Mr Joseph A. (London SE10)
  • Ufuk is an exceptionally skilled designer. He did thorough research, meticulously presented the drawings, gave us substantial support and perfectly crystallized our thoughts into an aesthetically pleasing design. We would recommend Ufuk and Urbanist Architecture without hesitation.
    Mr and Mrs Ivanov (London SW1X)
  • The quality of work was great and we are very happy with the overall service. We will recommend your service to anyone who needs architectural design services for planning application.
    Mr & Mrs Kivrak (London E14)
  • I searched all over, talked with many architects and looked at many different websites to decide which company to use and yours was by far the best. From the very beginning I knew that I was making the right decision in trusting you. Thank you!!
    Mrs Julia G. (Eaton Square SW1X)
  • My advice if you want monkeys, go to the zoo. But if you want a professional service and done properly from a dedicated team then contact these guys. I will definitely be using them again for other forthcoming projects.
    Mr Bobby G. (London N21)
  • Your professional approach combined with your customer focus differentiates you straight away. Urbanist Architecture listens, creates and supports during the entire procedure.
    Mr Denis Z. (London E13)
  • Following a recommendation from a friend, we have engaged Urbanist Architecture team to prepare our planning application. All members of staff were friendly, helpful and very professional to deal with. Thank you.
    Mr Gerti Z. (London SW6)