How to add Side Return Extension to your Victorian House
The Challenge

This beautiful Victorian house located in between Forest Hill and Honor Oak Park just off Couth Circular Road. Extending Victorian houses are becoming very popular amongst for those landlords who who now prefer to have a bigger space living to improve their quality of lifestyle. The family asked our professional advice for side return extension and on how they can utilise their existing house for better use and increase the value. They wanted additional space for their kitchen on side return of their beautiful Victorian house but were uncertain how to accomplish.

They were fortunate to meet us; our extension designs always begin with a wide-ranging analysis where we assess the possibilities and limitations of the location. Visits take place to see what its existing and what we could do to improve and use the space available effectively. We then draw the best extension design layout design for our clients to choose from different options. The challenge was to make sure that this side return extension design will not look like something was placed later on but make it look like as part of the existing house. This design approach is very crucial in Victorian houses as some could be located in conservation areas or be even listed building.

The Solution

To make best use of the full use of the existing space, our extension architects formed very comprehensive planning drawings, artistic sketches and 3D visuals to re-optimise the layout and beautifully designed contemporary side return extension. The side return extension design featured a very large window to create not only an aesthetically pleasing extension but also to ensure that the space is well lit throughout the day.

This small yet extremely creative, unusual and different side return extension became a continuation of the living room and the kitchen. The new layout created open plan feeling but with well-defined zones. Introducing light into the whole house not just to the new extension with the large window but to the hallway and the heart of the kitchen with smartly designed rooflights, ceiling levels and artificial light increased the quality of the space. This creative side return extension design gave this home a new lease of life and brought it perfectly up to date for contemporary modern living.


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