Christchurch Avenue HA3

HMO planning permission
Greenwich SE9
planning permission to build a mezzanine
Greenwich Academy SE10


Do you want to know the truth of how to demolish your bungalow and build a brand new 4 apartments?

Lucky for you, we documented each step that we took to get planning permission to demolish and replace the bungalow to create 4 new flats. Use this proven process to produce the same results for your conversion project.




One of the best ways of getting a plot, especially in London, is to replace an existing dwelling. There are bungalows everywhere that have exceeded their useful life. Our clients realised that their run-down bungalow is no longer sustainable. We helped them to examine the practicalities, cost implications and planning permission procedures of replacing their existing bungalow.

We assisted our clients for pursuing Full Planning Application for Bungalow Conversion to Flats. It was for the demolition of the existing bungalow and construction of a new dwelling to accommodate 4 self-contained flats. London councils have a clear duty to ensure that developments are carefully managed. They are responsible to protect their area from excessive development. For this reason, they actively question any development which threatens the character of the area. This was a challenge but one that our exceptional planning and design teams at Urbanist Architecture thrive and always deliver on.


We replaced the autonomous bungalow with a proposal that is deemed more fitting with the character of Christchurch Avenue without infringing on the neighbouring properties and adding to the housing stocking of the Harrow London Borough Council. The new house design closely matches the window alignment, vertical emphasis and roof eaves to express the general character of Christchurch Avenue. These are the facts you should know about getting planning permission to convert your bungalow into a brand new house.

The materials of the proposed dwelling consist of white rendered brickwork along with slated roof tiles. The front forecourt retains the parapet walls to ensure continuation along Christchurch Avenue. The footprint of the proposal does not exceed the existing bungalow and has been appropriately extended to match its context well. The extensions are also under 50% of the existing development to avoid overdeveloping the proposal. By fitting the building perfectly into the context of the area, we have deeply revised and designed the new 4 flats to avoid any harm or negative impact to the amenity of the occupiers of the neighbouring properties and no impact upon the visual amenity of the surrounding area.

Of course, the benefits of using our services extend far beyond the results above.

We surveyed our clients and asked them to name the three benefits of our services that they found most useful. Here are the top benefits as cited by more than 100 survey respondents.

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  • Get photorealistic 3D visuals

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