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How can you convert empty garages to homes?

Lucky for you, we documented each step that we took to design a new dwelling house on an empty side garden plot. Use this proven process to produce the same results for your new build house project.



Either in urban or suburban areas, derelict properties, unused sites and redundant garages can impact and damage a neighbourhood's reputation. These sites are associated with crime and antisocial behaviour with councils sitting on 22,000 empty garages across London – potentially the equivalent of at least 16,000 new homes. With these empty garages unused because modern cars are too big or most garages are in a state of disrepair. These unusable garages can be unlocked and put to better use where land and sites are hard to come by. But how? The answer is simple: Converting empty garages to homes.

Our client saw this potential, to turn these redundant garages into usable space and to make something positive in the area. Our job was to make sure that the proposal of conversion of the garages into flats could not only be built but would be approved by the council at the planning permission stage. As you probably already know that there are specific conditions and considerations when it comes to getting planning permission to convert empty garages into new build flats and apartments. The main issues for conversion of the garages into flats are parking, amenity space and building design all of which need to be resolved through sensitive yet modern design.


We wanted to design an exceptional building which is modern whilst respecting and preserving the local character. Inspirations appeared from the surrounding street to create something new and exciting, yet at the same time keeping features that reflects the fabric of the street. We have transformed the garages into a stylish four-storey building consisting of two self-contained duplex apartments. The materials we have proposed to convert these empty garages to homes were a reflection of the row of houses aside and opposite, using similar materials to break up visual impact and prevent bulkiness of the design. Promoting similar features as the existing properties, allowed the new build design to be set firmly within the site as well as having a fresh approach.

By maintaining visual cohesion on the front elevation, the rear elevation has more room to be manipulated. This allowed balconies and large glass windows to fuse into the design. The inclusion of balconies allows the outside to protrude within as well as the feeling of openness to the interior whilst providing the necessary amenity space for planning requirements of these new build 2 self-contained flats. Using our expertise in new build apartment design and conversion of the garages into flats, we have converted these garages into flats, with this new build apartments being another remarkable project with outstanding ROI to our success story.

Of course, the benefits of using our services extend far beyond the results above.

We surveyed our clients and asked them to name the three benefits of our services that they found most useful. Here are the top benefits as cited by more than 100 survey respondents.

  • Get access to proven strategies

  • Have a dedicated architect

  • Minimise risk and feel safe

  • Make the project stand out

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Save effort

  • Get photorealistic 3D visuals

  • Increase space

  • Increase comfort

  • Increase value

  • Get access to Urbanist Project App™




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