How can you add a double storey side extension to your home?
The Challenge

This project is the expansion a home to accommodate it's growing family's need for more space. Our client required more internal space where their family can relax and enjoy their home without the feeling of confinement. With the property being on a good-sized plot, our client saw the opportunity to extend and appointed us to design a single-storey rear extension and double storey side extension. The rear extension would replace their small and outdated conservatory to form a large open-plan family living space. The side extension would fit in much needed study and storage space as well as two decent modern bathrooms.

The property is situated next to a main road, with shared access to two dwellings next door. Access to the site is a big concern. To protect the neighbours' right of way as well as access of the main road, would be a tough challenge that we have the ability to tackle. We have presented the scheme with planning drawings and 3D visuals at the conception of the project. With the client delighted with the designs, they appointed us to complete the Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Tender Drawings, Contract Administration and Construction Monitoring of the project, from conception to completion. The 3D visuals gave the council at the planning permission stage to understand that the design of the proposed development would not affect the integrity of the area as well as not posing any risk to the neighbours' access.

The Solution

The solution saw the construction of a large double storey side extension which extended the style and materials of the existing home, expanding the family's internal space. The rear extension became a large open plan family kitchen-living room with large feature glass doors that presented an expansion of the home into the garden. The overall design is modern yet in keeping with the transparency of the previous conservatory that was previous. Keeping the rear extension to ground floor prevented the risk for privacy issues to the neighbouring properties and the provision of extra natural light through skylights.

We listened carefully to the ideas and needs of the client to provide a better standard of living and forming the additional space they needed. The extensions provided the family with a further 21sqm of internal living space with better access to their external space. Our attention to the smallest details allowed us to achieve the most efficient design options and obtain further proof that extensions can be the extension of a home, not just another addition to a house.


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