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Can you double the size of your house in 3 easy steps?

Lucky for you, we documented each step that we took to design and get planning permission for this massive double storey home extension project, from a standard 79sqm to a gigantic 172sqm. Use this proven process to produce the same results for your home extension and renovation project.



We were appointed by a very successful and famous entrepreneur in Bexley, Kent to help them generate and produce particularly spacious and luxurious living conditions to sustain a large family. Our role here was to secure extension planning permission for this massive double storey extension to the house. We were also asked to aid the design to adapt to the clients’ needs of the use of slick, clean surfaces, and the challenge of developing high end fully equipped interior design in the bedrooms and utilities allowing for pleasure and entertainment. The original house was detached but limited to two bedrooms which restricted the freedom of living which needed to be maximised.

Because the location of the property is within a corner plot with a space that has a huge external area, our client wanted to build a double storey extension to maximise the potential of their detached house. Because this is a corner plot at a junction and located within a residential area, planning officers generally consider that the openness of corner locations provides a positive contribution to the street scene and they believe that large double storey extensions will have a significant impact. For a development like this which doubles the size of the house, they also consider the impact on the amenities of neighbouring properties.


Because we are best-known as the London’s most successful planning permission architects for residential extensions, renovations and new build houses and flats, our client wanted us to developed a design for this large double storey extension to address the issues of extension planning permission matters. We developed the double storey extension through matching, reflecting and mirroring the proposal in a line of symmetry in-keeping with the original context of the site. This smart design approach enabled a large extension depth and opened up the internal floor space available for the client. By doing so, we have convinced the planning officers that the design will not result in over-development of the site, and will not have any detrimental effect to the street scene and general character of the area.

This beautiful double storey extension design not only helped our client secure planning permission for this extremely large extension but also double the size of their property, going from a standard 79sqm to a gigantic 172sqm for family activities. These activities include an indoor swimming pool and a monumental open floor plan, ideal for modern living. The bedrooms were then fully renovated with be equipped with en-suite bathrooms, jacuzzi and walk in wardrobes. An outbuilding with a swimming pool and gym was also approved and gave an extra 38sqm to the project. This was on top of the additional internal area of the property which measured to be almost 100 sqm. This double storey extension is a perfect example of what can achieved with the best extension architects in London and thought process into design./p>

Of course, the benefits of using our services extend far beyond the results above.

We surveyed our clients and asked them to name the three benefits of our services that they found most useful. Here are the top benefits as cited by more than 100 survey respondents.

  • Get access to proven strategies

  • Have a dedicated architect

  • Minimise risk and feel safe

  • Make the project stand out

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Save effort

  • Get photorealistic 3D visuals

  • Increase space

  • Increase comfort

  • Increase value

  • Get access to Urbanist Project App™




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