West Hampstead NW11

planning permission for building new houses
Thayers Farm Road BR3
double storey extension
Campion Cottage DA5


How would you feel if you would imagine living in these luxurious West Hampstead residences?

Lucky for you, we documented each step that we took to get planning permission for this joint planning application and design this double storey rear extension project. Use this proven process to produce the same results for your home extension and renovation project.


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Urbanist Architecture is renowned for providing a personalised joint planning application service that achieves the goals of their clients — and continuously raises the bar within the architectural industry. This project was no exception. While unusual in nature, getting planning permission for this double extension project was made possible by the creative designs provided by our talented in-house architects and interior designers. And, of course, all of this was made possible thanks to our smart design thinking, high-quality planning drawings and 3D architectural renderings.

The drawings and 3D visuals were used from the initial stages of the project from the initial consultation with the client, communicating with the council, to the final stages of the tender of the project to ensure that the initial design matches the finished product. Though the planning process was difficult, the 3D visuals that we created using the latest BIM technology were key elements to provide to councils and planners in order to gain permission for such detailed projects. This gave us the ability to provide scientific proof that our designs pose no harm to the surrounding area, and ensure that all involved parties can visualise how the project will look when finished.


The aesthetic features of these extensions to the rear of the property include elements such as floor to ceiling windows to allow for a seamless transition between the spacious garden and open plan kitchen and living spaces. Instead of using traditional lighting materials, the addition of vertically positioned lights to illuminate the façade saw the enhancement of privacy. Setting back the first floor windows made the bedrooms have a feel of seclusion and privacy. Taking the place of standard cladding were wood panels which subtly reinforced the strong lines of the home. When paired with the natural material of wood, the prominent edges of the additional windows provide a beautiful contrast and emulates strength which can be seen in the designs.

The palate was based in sumptuous neutral tones that exude richness and luxury in every detail of the home. The exterior extends an invitation to the individual to explore the interior that is equally extravagant. The layout allows for the flow between rooms to be seamless and natural, while providing the functionality that the family desired. Our architects created the property with meticulous attention to detail to create two inviting and contemporary homes. By providing an innovative solution to a common problem, the emergence of a superiorly designed semi-detached properties were created. The collaboration between the residents of the semi-detached houses are perfect examples of the possibilities that can be achieved in the creation of your dream home and submission of your joint planning application, something of which Urbanist Architecture will be pleased to assist you with.

Of course, the benefits of using our services extend far beyond the results above.

We surveyed our clients and asked them to name the three benefits of our services that they found most useful. Here are the top benefits as cited by more than 100 survey respondents.

  • Get access to proven strategies

  • Have a dedicated architect

  • Minimise risk and feel safe

  • Make the project stand out

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Save effort

  • Get photorealistic 3D visuals

  • Increase space

  • Increase comfort

  • Increase value

  • Get access to Urbanist Project App™




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