Eaton Mews SW1W

planning permission for new build dwelling houses
Avebury Road BR6
single storey infill rear extension
Tyrwhitt Road SE4


Mews House Renovation in Belgravia - Luxury and Style

Lucky for you, we documented each step that we took to renovate and remodel this beautiful mews house. Use this proven process to produce the same results for your mews house renovation project in London.




The previous look of this house in a charming part of SW1W did no justice to the grace of its location. Despite its comfortable square footage, the layout of the house made it seem cramped and didn’t make much use of the ample windows. Together with a very safe 2000s palette of cream and beige, this made the house seem tired and charmless.

Downstairs in the lower ground floor, a spacious burgundy room seemed to have no particular function bar storage, and on the ground floor, the kitchen and dining area and living area were separated, making them both feel unnecessarily small for the dimensions of the house.

On the two upstairs floors, some of the bedrooms were well-proportioned, but there was one particularly small one that made no sense to maintain. Likewise, the bathrooms were rather oversized in comparison due to their location being decided by the central stairwell.

Above the sleeping accommodation, there was a sliding skylight onto a terrace but, again, the location of the stairwell means that it wasn’t especially set up to be used much.


This is the kind of project architects and interior designers long for: a complete mews house renovation and remodelling to really get the most out of a building. In this case, the carte blanche was such that the only things staying in their original place were the front door and the floors. Everything else was a blank slate for our designers and architects to get their hands on and create the home our client wanted.

The brief was awe-inspiring: create a four-bedroom house with an open-plan living and dining area, four ensuites, a cinema room, and a terrace over four floors of prime central real estate. Given the location in affluent SW1W, the client demanded the highest spec furnishings and careful design, with home automation and luxurious materials across the entire house.

As the staircase had taken up a large section of the floor plan in the previous layout, we decided to maximise the space available by creating a compact staircase in the corner of the house that ran from the lower ground floor up to the roof terrace over four floors. To maintain the overall look of the house, it was handmade from oak and glass, to ensure that the light from the adjacent window could illuminate the adjacent rooms and hallways.

At the bottom of the new staircase, on the lower ground floor we installed a laundry and plant room to service the entire house, as well as a water closet and a spacious, luxuriously appointed cinema room with an impressive 55-inch screen, a projector and Dolby stereo speakers integrated into the ceiling, as well as the requisite large, comfortable sofa and well-stocked minibar.

Moving up onto the ground floor, there was to be an impressive marbled entrance hallway that led into a spacious living and dining area that took up the whole of the floor. The living area consisted of comfortable seating around a coffee table oriented towards a large wall-mounted television, while the corner kitchen is sleek and compact, with a black marble dining table made to order.

Upstairs, on the first and second floors, moving the staircase had provided ample space for two double bedrooms each, for a total of four bedrooms with their respective ensuites and plenty of storage. As a complement to the new proportions, all the bedrooms were furnished with 40-inch televisions and integrated Dolby speakers for the highest level of comfort.

On the top floor, there was a spacious 35sqm terrace that made a better use of the existing area, and included a sliding rooflight to ensure that light could enter the stairwell.

Given the investment that was being made, our client plumped for a very high standard of finish and comfort for their new abode. For example, ripping out the previous fittings allowed for the entire building to be completely rewired, providing the opportunity to integrate high levels of adjustable settings. The lighting was now all controlled via dimmer switches and LEDs in suspended ceilings for a soft welcoming glow without the glare of brighter spotlights. The mews house house also had convenient underfloor heating throughout, dispensing with the need for radiators, and automatic blinds provided the privacy the client required. The house was also heavily soundproofed to allow for the Dolby stereo system that was integrated into the ceiling throughout the house, and then amplified to great effect in the basement cinema room/bar.

All in all, paring the house back to its basic structure was a wise idea that allowed us to rise to the challenge of the client wanting to create a space that suited their needs and desires. Here at Urbanist Architecture, we relish the chance to do something a little different, and we are very proud to have been involved in this fabulous project.

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