How can you increase your chances of getting HMO planning permission?
The Challenge

The smart investor looks at the most effective way of getting HMO planning permission and maximising their return from property investment. We were called by a savvy landlord who had seen the potential in this property in the area of Green lane, London. This is a part of London where you have a high demand from tenants, often those whom want a room rather than a whole flat or property. So, we were asked to help the landlord make the most of the opportunity they had discovered. Once the idea of converting the property into an HMO was founded, we added to the situation by using our expertise to support the owner.

The owner had very string ideas about how they wanted to get the most from this property and it was our role to help realise this HMO conversion. We sat down and listened the objectives of our client and added our own knowledge to ensure that this HMO planning application was presented to the local planning authority in the best way. Getting planning permission for HMO can come against some resistance from the local authority unless you have done your homework and understand the HMO requirements.

The Solution

It is refreshing to work with smart property investors who really know their stuff and we were pleased to be able to help someone who had a clear idea of the outcome they wanted to achieve. Our role in the process was to support our client through his ideas and help his vision to become a reality. We have designed the HMO layout to maximise the number of rentable rooms, and optimize the space to provide adequate size bathrooms and kitchen and living space.

Our client was amazed by the solutions of our room configurations, and we were pleased to help our client maximise the potential of this HMO property and go from strength to strength. We also made sure that the council passes the HMO plans as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss. By doing this, our client got his planning permission for HMO in a short space of time and convert the house into a multi-let property.


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