Imagine the success that will flow to you once you get Planning Permission for new build flats for 6 brand new apartments.
The Challenge

Smart property investors can spot the potential in a land that others struggle to see. In this case our client knew that they wanted to get the most from this land. They saw the potential to make better use of the space and deliver something on this piece of land that would maximise their return on investment with Planning Permission for new build flats. Our job was to take all of the input from the client and make sure that their ideas could not only be built, but could be approved by the council when they were submitted for Planning Permission for new build flats.

With new apartment developments, there are certain considerations to take into account. The new build flats anywhere in London will almost inevitably have the issue of parking to resolve. Our client knew that they wanted 6 flats on this space so we configured the design to ensure that the bold plans were workable and the parking was thought out. We know what the planning authorities across London and the rest of the UK are looking for in terms of layout and density of building design, visual appearance and finishing materials so we can always add our bit to your ideas to get this through in as little time as possible. This means that you get to move quickly on the great ideas you have safe in the knowledge that the planning permission won’t hold you up. We take care of that side for you.

The Solution

Our client wanted something that would make best use of the space and they decided that 6 flats would be the optimum number on this site. We looked at all the different space configurations to come up with something that our client was satisfied with. The final design to get Planning Permission for new build flats included two 3-bedroom flats, one 2-bedroom flat and four 2-bedroom flats with smart layout plans.

By doing this, our client gets to make the best use of the space and can maximise their profits by having seven units all generating income. In fact, we were delighted to be able to help this property investor who didn’t just settle for the status quo and buy a property to let out. They saw the potential in the space and asked us for help to make this idea come to fruition. By adding our own expertise and making some suggestions we were able to deliver another success story for this new build 6 flats.


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