Did you ever wonder how successful landlords and investors are taking advantage of the booming UK property sector by converting their properties into flats to grow their wealth?

As you probably know, the property cycle has repeated like clockwork for over 450 years, with the only two exceptions being the two world wars. The rental market is also becoming increasingly popular, especially in London and the home counties, where there are high employment rates and a high demand for flats.

Initially it may seem rather daunting to convert a property into studios or flats, but because we’ve prepared many planning drawings for flat conversion projects and dealt with many flat conversion planning applications, we know exactly how to improve your chances of success.

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With over 500 clients around the UK, we know how to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We understand the pitfalls of planning applications and the potential of residential design. We know the solutions inside out and making implementations successful is part of our "know-how". So you can count on us to help you make the most of your investment.
planning permission for building a house on side gardenplanning permission for building a house on side garden
Planning Permission for new build flats

What happens when you get planning permission for splitting your house into flats to grow your wealth?

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We roll out over 30+ success stories and planning permissions a month.



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