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Cost calculator with 2024 update

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We have developed four different sophisticated cost per square metre calculators – one for extensions, one for loft conversions, one for refurbishment projects and one for new builds, and all of them updated for 2024 price per square metre build cost prices for London and the UK.

Just pick the construction cost calculator below that matches the type of project you are considering. Put in the basic details of your scheme and it will quickly calculate the build cost of your extension, loft conversion, refurbishment or new build house.

The estimated build cost shown below will give a very good indicator of the likely costs for building or refurbishing your project – but do remember it is always possible to further save on these costs by planning ahead, engaging a well-established residential architecture company and choosing the right builder.

Based on years of practical experience with builders, the proven steps we’ve set up and the hands-on construction inspection approach we’ve developed, we can help you avoid any possible issues that may arise onsite. That way, you can build your project with minimum stress, complete your project on time and avoid budget blowouts.

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Calculate your build cost in 30 seconds

Gold drop lighting fixture with grey radiators in the background
Gold drop lighting fixture with grey radiators in the background
It is not uncommon in the construction industry for builders to give customers tempting initial quotes only to reveal new charges and extra fees during the construction stage. In order to avoid experiencing any of these unpleasant problems, appoint a reputable architectural practice to work on the technical design of your project and assemble a tender package to help you choose your builders and make your project ready to build in accordance with the building regulations.
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