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Planning Permission ebook

Planning is complex – no one can guarantee planning permission

There are many variables in the planning system, and these variables interact in ways that mean no one can predict the outcome of a planning application. These realities make the task of successfully preparing a planning application incredibly challenging.

In this ebook, we set out an approach to this challenge that works with the realities of a complex planning system. Our approach builds on research into how solutions are created and executed to secure planning permission. You will find real, actionable planning and design strategies that have worked for countless homeowners, and property investors and developers.

Open booklet with black and white minimalist icons and step by step explanation to successful planning applications in the UK
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Unlock how the planning system really works

The planning system in England often seems deliberately designed to confuse people. This guide will help you navigate your way through the planning maze and improve your chances of getting planning permission.

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Discover what kind of development has the most potential on your site

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Learn which policies can be used to persuade the council to change their minds about your plan

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Avoid wasting your time and money pursuing a scheme that can never happen

This ebook is for


Who want to seek inspiration to reach their goals and build on Green Belt land for themselves or for the community


Who want to seek inspiration to reach their goals and build on Green Belt land for themselves or for the community

Listed building owners

Who want to renovate while also being fully committed to protect the special architectural and historic heritage of their homes

Property developers

Who want to strategically grow their business while delivering high quality housing and maximising their ROI

A copy of the Planning Permission ebook

“ Thank you for all your efforts in helping us to secure planning permission. You made our dreams come true. ”

Simon G. — London

“ We've been overwhelmed by the amount of time and dedication Mr Ufuk Bahar has spent on our project. He has been extremely professional when dealing with the council and applying for planning permission. ”

Kate A. — London

“ Friendly, helpful and professional approach. Very impressed by how they took care of my planning application and made it such a simple and easy process thank you. ”

O. Wilson — London

“ I was very impressed by Nicole’s responsiveness. She was amazing from the very beginning to the end. She saw the potential of my planning application and fully supported me throughout the application process. I just got my approval, can't thank her enough. ”

George P. — London

“ My biggest barrier to achieve my goal on my home renovation project was the planning permission. After countless years of frustrated attempts with other London architects and the disappointment of losing the applications every time, my motivation was drained. But I gave my project a final try with Urbanist Architecture and eventually this architecture company succeeded in getting the planning permission for me. Can't thank them enough. ”

Leonard M. — London

“ A dedicated and professional agent working with you through the entire process, maintaining good communication. Easily accessible. Strategic changes and recommendations through turbulence which is a testament to their experience in ensuring great client satisfaction and project outcomes Very happy with architectural designs demonstrating creativity, and more importantly flexibility in line with the client brief. I would highly recommend this team. ”

Uchenna A. — London

“ Thank you Urbanist Architecture for your professionalism and expertise in helping me to achieve planning permission for my extension. Before using Urbanist Architecture I had 18 months of failed permissions and an appeal using other companies; but I have now received planning approval. I cannot thank them enough. Their dedication to the client is outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending them. ”

P. Smith — Kent

“ Ufuk was constantly communicative from day one. He engaged with us during the whole process, understood our requirements very well, gave us very helpful architecture / planning /design advice and delivered more than we asked for. Cannot give them high enough praise. ”

Marvin G. — Hertfordshire

“ We started with 2 different architects, whose plans were rejected by our council. We felt like we were on a treadmill leading nowhere. Then I found Urbanist Architecture blog posts about planning procedures. We appointed them to prepare our 3rd application. They listened to our needs, brainstormed and developed a strategic design. Their creative approach allowed us to get the permission we needed!! We highly endorse their hard work. ”

George L. — London

“ Great staff who do what they promise from beginning to end. My advisor was Mark who was very knowledgeable and passionate on planning matters. Mark is wealth of information in respect of local planning I would highly recommend dealing with Mark for all your future planning needs! ”

Franklin C. — London

“ We found Urbanist Architecture after multiple failed attempts at getting planning permission. If it wasn't for them and there dedication my family would have needed to move away! For that we are all extremely grateful. throughout our whole experience Urbanist Architecture were helpful, professional and very informative. ”

Matt B. — London

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