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Design your new-build house to capture space, light, comfort and good vibes

Undertaking a new build and stamping your own individuality on every aspect of the design can be an overwhelming challenge and a never-ending struggle. You may feel concerned about meeting your programme targets, achieving profitability or staying within your budget.

As new-build architects and planning consultants, we’ve achieved impressive results by delivering exceptional bespoke new-build homes and securing secured planning permissions for unprecedented and quite exceptional projects throughout London and the UK.

So whether you’re looking to self-build your own home or are a well-established property developer building multiple houses, we are here to help you at every stage of the design and build process, from planning permission and building regulations to contractor selection and construction inspection.

Unlock the potential of your land

We understand the importance of developing strong client relationships based on mutual trust so we can achieve your desired results. We’ll assess your land’s feasibility potential for a new build, evaluate opportunities and constraints and advise you on timescale and budget considerations.

We will explore a spectrum of housing types for you, from townhouses and mews houses to eco-friendly and modular houses, and will include strategic development plans based on your requirements.

Secure your planning permission for a new-build house with ease

As RIBA-chartered residential architects, we’ll respect your stylistic and functional preferences and will develop your design concept with an understanding of context, culture and history so that your home will complement the environment, embrace local heritage and stand out as exemplary architecture.

As RTPI-chartered town planners, we will maximise your chances by finding the sweet spot between your council’s planning policies and your project guidelines and what is commercially right for you.

Design and build your dream house

Unlike other residential architects, we will collaborate with you on every detail: perfect positioning to frame glorious views; ideal aspects for maximum sunlight; ways to achieve impressive curb appeal; and the use of the gold standard of building materials, whether it’s the latest eco-technology or more traditional methods.

Our design and build concepts connect and create cohesive continuity throughout and we consider all elements, from flowing layouts to ambient lighting and harmonious interior to exterior transitions. Every design detail of your home will be bespoke – from overall features to the smallest refinements – to perfectly reflect your personality, style and taste.

Take control of your new-build house construction

Once we’ve secured planning permission for your new-build house, we progress to the Technical Design + Building Regulations stage, followed by the Contract Administration + Construction​ Inspection stage, where your idea will be transformed into fruition.

Based on our extensive experience, we brief builders, electricians, plumbers and specialist subcontractors and suppliers to ensure accuracy and achieve high-quality outcomes. We take pride in orchestrating every stage of the construction process with military precision while maintaining a flexible, agile approach.

New Build House Architects

Building a new house and stamping your own individuality on every aspect of your house design is a challenging task. As architects specialising in new build houses, we are not fazed in the least, and welcome the opportunity to be part of such a unique project. With such personally invested projects, with you building your own home from scratch, we always develop sympathetic and trusting working relationships with you – we need to really understand what you want to achieve in order to be able to share your vision.

We take great pride in acting as your new-build house architects and planning consultants throughout the design, planning and construction of your house, from brainstorming the initial design and securing planning permission to overseeing the construction and finishing touches. Our service is entirely bespoke and tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and we do not settle for less.

To do justice to your aims and aspirations, we will start with developing a brief together that will take into consideration all your present requirements as well as future expectations, and interpret your aesthetic wishes as faithfully as possible. In addition to your stylistic and functional preferences, we will also take into account your plot and the environment as these are also important deciding factors in identifying planning constraints for your new build house and determining the scope of the design.

At Urbanist Architecture, we believe in the harmony between interior and exterior because a building cannot be separated from its environment. That’s why we always design new build homes that make the most of their setting – new build house designs that complement the local landscape, embrace heritage qualities, as well as stand out as exemplary architecture.

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As such, we will thoroughly discuss your aims, concerns, and preferences in detail, for example, what views to frame and how to frame them, what axis the house will be facing such as north or south and the amount of natural sunlight that will afford, how to achieve maximum kerb appeal, and what kind of materials to use, such as the latest sustainable materials and eco-technologies or more traditional methods.

From increasing ceiling height to enhancing natural light, from installing bespoke furniture like moving walls or floating staircases to selecting luscious fabrics and finishes, we are experienced in materialising your individuality and tastes without compromising quality or budget. To achieve harmonious living, our new build house designs will also include an assessment of exterior space, such as landscape architecture and patio planning. We will ensure a continuation of high-quality bespoke design throughout your new house so that you can live as luxuriously as you can.

Our holistic approach to self-build and one-off new-build house projects allows us to strive for identity and unity, and design homes that have continuity of concept running throughout, from the way rooms flow into one another to the ambience that lighting can create to how inside space transitions to outside space.

No detail is trivial for us – every aspect of your home will be bespoke, from the most obvious features to the smallest elements, because it is these details that really add a personalised and individual touch to a building. With meticulous attention, we will deliver sensitive, pragmatic and imaginative house designs to enrich your living space.

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One-team integrated approach

We are a multidisciplinary team of architects, planning consultants, interior designers and project managers offering multiple services under one roof. When you work with our firm, you have the support of our entire studio behind you - no matter what.

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